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London-based Bidvine is a marketplace for local services and business that consists of the trusted professionals from various fields. The company focuses on helping people find the accurate service provider they are seeking for a particular task like finding an electrician to have a repair work at their home. In this busy modern world, no one has enough time to find an electrician or a tutor or may be a domestic cleaner if they need such services from a most suitable person.  Bidvine helps you find such type of service providers while you are busy with your hectic schedules.

What is Bidvine?

Bidvine helps you getting things done quickly and perfectly. For example, you shifted to a new location, and you are not familiar with the place. In such a situation, you can use Bidvine to locate the finest services or any specific service you seek. For instance, you need a domestic cleaner to clear up the mess in your new home; you can use Bidvine to locate your nearest cleaning service providers by specifying your postcode in the website.

Bidvine provides first class service and builds a relationship among people. It helps you invest your time in the things you value the most and plant your business with a stronger root. The Bidvine team holds a background in marketing and hence, they are severely experienced and know how to tackle this challenge of engineers, marketers, and operation heads who have never learned to give up and deliver the best results.

Trust and Safety

Bidvine determines a service by judging and reviewing their information. This includes their phone number, social media accounts, addresses, personal details, etc. This helps them determine their authenticity and whether the person is an authorised representative of that particular company. The business professionals are allowed to present the quality of their previous work and create a portfolio in Bidvine with images, videos, and audio. Service providers can add their qualifications, licenses, and memberships and obtain the chance to demonstrate their expertise. Professionals can also mention their experience in years and get references from their past clients to be displayed in their Bidvine profile. Bidvine also provides an advanced messaging system so that you can learn more about the professional, obtain their details, ask for a quote, or make an agreement. Due to this proper authentication of the professionals, Bidvine ensures your safety and security and they also recommend you to judge the professionals yourself and read their terms and conditions carefully before signing anything.

Customer Support

Bidvine’s outstanding customer support program is ready to help you in any situation. They have a database of solutions those are available for both service professionals and customers. Whatever you need to know about hiring a professional, Bidvine will help you obtain the information. Their community includes a plenty of articles and discussions, and even you can submit your own query if you are unable to find the answer, in case.

How Bidvine works?

Bidvine works in two forms:-

1.For service professionals

If you are using Bidvine as a service professional, then you’d need to register your business on the site. It will expand your reach and help you gain more customers. State the kind of service you offer to get started with the site. Next, you’d require adding the complete list of services your company offers so that you don’t miss any deal. This will also simplify customers what you offer specifically so that they reach the right person. Next, add your business location and clarify whether you’d travel for work to your customers or your customers would require coming to you, or you fulfil a deal over the phone or internet. This will prevent the unnecessary allegations between you and the customer. After all this information is done, you have to add your business details and information, including the company name, company description, logo, and website. You are simply done registering your service on Bidvine. Now just wait for the quotes to come in and start a deal.

A service provider can update their profile, view their leads, quotes, customers, and reviews from their account. You can also buy credits while viewing a request sent to you. Simply scroll down that page and click on ‘Submit your quote’ and this will redirect you to a different page to purchase credits. The credits are used by professionals to quote on projects they are interested in doing.

To send a quote, you need to check your Bidvine inbox for the customer’s request and click the ‘Reply with a Quote’ button. On the Quote page, you can send your hourly cost to the customer or a fixed rate, or ask for more information. The more professionally you write, your chances of getting this deal will be more. As soon as the customer reads your quote, you will be notified about it.

2.For customers.

Secondly, if you are using Bidvine as a customer, then you simply need to register and find the right service. Simply type which service you are looking for by using a relevant keyword and enter your postcode. Bidvine will inquire about your requirement, for example, if you are looking for a domestic cleaner, then mention the type of property you own, how many bedrooms you have and how often you’d require cleaning it, etc. Bidvine will find the right services depending on your requirement and send you quotes. You can also share your phone number if you wish to be communicated via this mode. The quotes can also be received via text message if you request to opt for it.

Easy and simple request submission process

The best part that I like about Bidvine is their simple request submission process. Using their simple quote process, we can manage to find many quality services at an affordable price. The screen shots given below are from the quote process I did for finding a piano teacher for my daughter.

# Search the needed service using your postcode to find a nearest and best service available.

# Options for logging in with your Facebook or google account is available on the website that makes it more user-friendly.


#Once the request is received, the website looks for matching professionals available.



#The profiles available on the website and review of past customers make it easier to find a best professional for your service.

#The overall quote process made it easier for me to find a good piano teacher at a location near to me at an affordable price.

The overall quote process made it easier for me to find a good piano teacher at a location near my house at an affordable price. Within few hours of sending the request, I was able to start comparing the profiles and rates of many piano teachers  as I got all their details in my registered e-mail as well as through the messages in mobile

Things to consider before hiring any Bidvine services

Being a customer, initially, it might be tough for you to depend on a service or create a trust level. Therefore, there are a few tips that you should keep in mind before hiring any of the services and to determine the quality of the service professional.

Review their profile

It’s always significant to look at the past experiences, projects, and reviews of the service professional before taking a final decision. Therefore, Bidvine profiles will give you a proper idea about the nature of the service provider and help you determine their work quality.

Check for references

If you are not enough convinced with the profile information provided, then you can seek or ask for references. Ask people who have previously used their services and get detailed information on how they worked. You might receive a dissimilarity in their reviews, so it’s up to you to determine whether they will suit your requirement.

Check the credentials

Most of the authorised professionals have credentials included in their profiles.  So it’s necessary to have a detailed look at them before hiring one. The profiles include a list of certifications, licenses and insurance.

Do not just see the price

Do not always look for the lowest price deal because it does not compare with the best deal always. When it comes to comparing the services, judge them by their quality, and not quantity. On the other hand, the service with the higher price also does not result in the best. So if a professional is quoting a higher or lower price than the others, ask why and what difference will they make.


Keep asking questions unless you are confident about the professional’s ability to deliver a service that meets your expectations. This will make you specifically aware if the person can do the work or not.

Beware of upfront deposits

A professional asking for full payment or large deposits upfront might make you sceptical about them. That’s obvious because if your project requires goods or materials, then a professional should not ask for upfront payments to cover those costs.

Why Bidvine?

Bidvine believes in getting your work done by the best professionals. It always focuses on perfection in work and helps professionals find their customers. Even when a professional starts his business freshly, it becomes challenging for him to find clients for hiring their services. So getting registered with Bidvine helps them grow and create a new level in the industry. Bidvine emphasises on connecting customers with the service professionals for a long time by creating a trust factor between them.

Secondly, finding a service professional by moving out in the field can be quite challenging and hectic. With Bidvine, you can find a trusted and certified professional easily within minutes, and you do not require moving out even. With a few clicks, you can find a plenty of professionals in your locality and also check their certifications and documents before hiring one. Bidvine saves you from the frantic situations that you would normally face in finding a professional in your area.

Thirdly, finding a professional with Bidvine is completely free of cost, and there are no such hidden charges. Bidvine emphasises on getting you your desired professional who would fill up your requirements. It does not serve you for any extra charges or commissions so you can completely rely on its services.

Bidvine app

To make it easier and comfortable for you, Bidvine is offering its iOS app for you so that you can hire a professional with the click of your fingers. The Bidvine app lets you hire a service from any place even when you are on a running bus or train or in a movie. Its app got a unique interface with smooth scrolling and navigation so that you can communicate with ease and pay the professional directly. The app offers the complete list of services for all industries, allowing you to ask questions and choose the best professional for yourself.

You can download Bidvine app here and is available only for iOS. The Android app shall be launched soon.




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