Content is King-Do you believe in that statement?

CONTENT IS KINGDo you believe in the Bill Gates concept “Content is King.” When I started this blog, I was not giving hundred percent efforts to enrich the quality of the content as this used to be my personal blog in the beginning.

When I analysed the success of few successful blogs, I realized how importance regarding the quality of the content. I remember the days when I started blogging for the first time in my life. It was in the month of December 2013. I wrote few posts and I was not sure whether my style of writing is good or not.

After about three months of blogging, I asked few of my friends’s to have their opinion about blogging as well as my blog. One of them said “Blogs are like personal diaries. Anyone can have a blog so there is nothing much important having a blog. ” I had some people with the opinion that blogging is a waste of time. Few of my friends said its o.k. while others said “you need to change the topics for writing.” Another friend said to me that I should write a travel blog or write something about India. I realized that most of these people don’t have a better idea about blogging. If today someone tells me that blogging is a waste of time, I will tell them to read my article 25 advantages of blogging for inspiration.

My source of inspiration and motivation came from one of my friends from India, Mr. Raju Yohannan, a web designer, whom I used to contact over the phone or through Skype to have an opinion on whatever I write. Being a trustworthy friend of mine, he used to give me suggestions to write more posts. He always insisted on the importance of the uniqueness and quality of the content.

During the last few months of blogging, I came across lot of bloggers and blogs while some of them made a big impression on me than the others. If you analyse those successful blogs, you can see that those bloggers have some really valuable content to share with their readers. Some of them may be giving ideas to improve business. Few others may be offering technical tips to solve a problem. Few days back I came across another blog called the where the author is providing career advice to people.

I found the most amazing of all blogs from India “Digital Expressions” authored by Mr.Amit Agarwal, who can be best described as a father figure of blogging in India. His blog posts are really informative and helpful to those who are in need of various technical solutions. His how-to Guides and Software tutorials are a must read for anyone looking for technical stuff.

Recently I had become a fan of another blogger from India, Mr. Harsh Agrawal and his blog “Shoutmeloud.” I had gone through many of his articles and found out that he is writing long informative posts. Most of his posts act as a useful guide for solving various technical issues as well as provide you with the much- needed blogging tips.

I came across one more blog from India called the Problogging success. I am amazed to see that the author Mrs. Jane Sheeba runs few more blogs with the names Tech buzz online,,Best Hosting and Design, DoSplash Blog along with the other one I mentioned.

I told myself “I struggle to find time to manage just one blog, then how can she manage five blogs at the same time?” Probably one needs a scientific brain to manage five blogs of five different niches all at the same time.Perhaps she being a scientist in real life, it may be easy an easy task for her.

Few months back while I was reading some blogs, I found out one of the highly successful personality in the blogosphere Mr. John Chow. I was really excited by the fact that Mr. John Chow has an income of nearly forty thousand dollars per month from his blog alone. If you are a blogger and if you don’t read, it is a real loss.

Even though I live in Britain, I find only few blogs related to my niche written by someone in U.K. Probably I had gone through thousands of travel and fashion blogs written by authors from U.K., but I came across very few blogs having the same niche that I am writing now.

My curiosity of finding out someone blogging from London and of Indian origin ended up adding one more fan for me from the blogosphere. The fan is none other than Mr. Neil Patel, who is an immensely successful entrepreneur and blogger currently based in Seattle. I am pretty sure that if you read the profile of him in the blog, you too become a fan of him.

If you go through the blogs from any of the four bloggers mentioned above, you will definitely conclude that these bloggers make precious content and hence content is definitely the king in today’s online world.


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