How blogging will change your lifestyle to become more successful

It’s been a fleeting thought in the back of your head. Every day when you look down at that smart screen and read another blog post about politics, cooking, life advice, art, television, film, news, etc., the list goes on. You’ve thought about it. We’ve all thought about it, starting a blog.

Fifteen years ago blogs were barely a blip on the radar for most people. They were this weird unformed mass of opinions hidden in the dark corners of the Internet. Now they are a formidable force encompassing every aspect of our lives.

Blogging and bloggers have effectively become a new internet business. A way in which people can not only make money but sell products and services on a global scale. Blogs are no longer the online diaries, and diatribes of the anxious, the lost, the dreamers; blogs are an enterprise embarked on by the self-determined, the entrepreneurs, and the innovators.

Blogging has become both an entirely new career field in itself but has led to new career fields in general. Careers have opened up such as digital marketing, social media management and content specialist just to name a few. The blogosphere has exploded in recent years, and with over 100 million blogs in existence on the Internet today, it shows no signs of slowing down.

Let’s face it; we’ve all thought to start a blog, the question now is why you haven’t? Some argue that the blog market is saturated. Some argue that it’s simply not worth their time or effort to create a blog. Some say that the return from a blog doesn’t match the amount invested.

While these are all valid arguments against beginning a blog but these take a narrow view of what blogging is all about. There are plenty of reasons not to start a blog. But there are also plenty of reasons why starting a blog is important.

Blogging can change your life in unforeseen ways. Blogging has a way of enhancing your life in both personal and professional ways. Ask any professional blogger what made them start their blog, and they’ll most likely answer they were searching for something far more meaningful than just making money, they were looking for truth. They were searching for truth from themselves and others. They were searching for ways to beholden to the normal constrictions of daily life.

They were searching for a way to touch others. They were searching for a way to share a part of their inner selves while also discovering parts of others. Blogging isn’t simply an occupation, or a way to make money, or a way to balance investment against returns, blogging is a lifestyle. Blogging has the power to transform.

If that’s not a good enough reason to start a blog check out some of these other ways that blogging can change your life forever.

Personal Fulfillment from blogging

Blogging is above all else, a personal journey. Even when presented with business components, such as a florist attempting to promote her shop online. She might start a blog to connect with current and prospective customers. She may write about her process in selecting bouquets. She may write about her techniques for caring for her flowers. She may discuss the love she feels for her patrons and what it means to her to be a part of so many special events in their lives. All of these things allow her to feel closer to her patrons. It also gives them a space to feel a deeper connection with her as well. This blog has added another personal layer to the florist business, an authentic touch.

When writing a blog, it’s important to remember that you’re putting yourself on the page. You’re opening yourself up, often to people you don’t know. And while the thought of vulnerability scares most of us, there are great benefits when we do blogging. Blogging helps boost that part of us that yearns for personal fulfilment. Here’s how:

Boosting confidence through consistent blogging

It’s true that blogging takes time, patience and dedication. No one ever said it would be easy, but think about the joy and satisfaction you feel after completing a difficult task. Imagine the inner joy you fill after challenging yourself. It is only after we challenge ourselves do we really understand what we’re made of and what we can accomplish. Starting a blog will be tricky at first, but eventually, when you find your stride, it will get much easier. Eventually, you will connect with bloggers in your community as well as foster a community all your own.

Readers have the ability to make your day as they support, comment and critique what it is that you have to say. The important thing is you’ll always feel as though someone is listening to you. As your writing grows stronger, your readership increases, your influence stretches a little wider, it will make you realise just how capable you are. This boost will even encourage you to go farther in pursuing your goals and dreams, ensuring that you never again settle for less.

Stronger Writing/Communication Skills achieved through regular updating of your blog

Writing is communication. Blogging is writing. Therefore blogging is communication. Communication is the key to every aspect of our lives. Those who have difficulty communicating often have difficulty in many aspects of their lives. Blogging allows you to write your thoughts down which helps you think through them more clearly. When you have to take the time to not only figure out what you want to say but how you want to say it, your communication is more thoughtful and impactful upon your audience.

Building strong writing skills is important when blogging. You want your audience not only to read what you have to say but to engage with the material. This is not as easy as it seems. Audience sensibilities vary across a very wide spectrum, and it’s important to know how to “read the crowd,” as some would say. In order to maintain a successful blog, developing these writing skills will be essential.

Developing these writing skills will help you in other areas as well. By learning how to write to communicate, you will also enhance your verbal communication. Learning to communicate will help you with everyone in your life, your spouse/child/co-worker/boss will all appreciate you more if you are able to clearly, concisely and correctly get your message across to them. Think of all the miscommunication you’re experienced in your life, now think about how much smoother things could have gone if the issue were communicated thoroughly.

Healthier Lifestyle Habits

Because blogging takes up so much time and devotion, it’s only safe to say that blogging also takes up a lot of concentration. It’s extremely hard to concentrate after a long stressful day at work. It’s even harder to concentrate when you have at least 35 other things to do on your to-do list in the next six hours. When you commit to blogging, you commit to changing daily habits that would inhibit you from pursuing your blogging goals. As any fitness guru will tell you, you have to “make time,” for that workout you keep missing. The same goes for blogging.

You have to make the time to blog, even if that means altering certain parts of your day so that you are “in the mode,” when it comes time to write. Easier said than done right? Well not really, while we can’t eliminate every stressor and distraction from our daily lives, we can make small changes to ourselves and our lives to foster an open mind when writing our blogs.

For instance sipping a nice cup of tea and giving ourselves 10 minutes of quiet when we get home, instead of diving into chores or continuing to fume about the day’s events. Speaking of the day’s events, why not throughout the day find ways to incorporate little things into your blog, as material for what you are writing about. For example, find something humorous about a stressful situation at work. Think about how you would convey this on paper. Think about what reaction you want from your audience and how you’re going to solicit that reaction. All of these actions help you not only to focus on your blog but provide a stress reliever.

Blogging means prioritising your life. It means possibly skipping a couple of those after work happy hours, or not binge-watching the new season of Stranger Things. Making healthier choices in order to commit to writing your blog will also force you to explore things you would never have before. Blogging means you must have material to work with, so get up, get out and explore your surrounding areas. You might get nothing out of it, or you just might get one of the best blog posts you’ll ever write.

Changing the life of others through blogging

One of the best parts about writing a blog is the platform. The Internet is a vast and wonderful universe in which people from all over can connect. When you’re writing your blog, this is your chance to connect with so many people, whether they think like you or not. Your blog is your message to the world, your way of leaving a mark upon this universe. With that being said, this is your chance to touch someone’s life. The chance to tell your story and maybe create change in someone else’s life.

Often we hear people talk about wanting to make a meaningful change in the world. Where we get more personal fulfilment than knowing that your words have touched someone else? How would you feel to know that perhaps you saved someone’s life by giving them hope with your words? Or inspired a few on a career path that they didn’t know until they read your post. This is an amazing age in human history, where influencers are everywhere, starting a blog places you in the realm of those influencers.

Professional Development after having your own blog

While blogging has great benefits for your personal fulfilment, there are other aspects of life that blogging can certainly help you with. Blogging has above all else in recent years become a business. People pay writers to write blogs about products and services they provide. Blogs keep people informed about everything from weather to entertainment, to politics. Blogs, simply put, are big business in this tech-savvy world. Social media has made blogs even more important in this digital age, as blogs give a more thorough online presence of a person.

Blogs give a face and persona to a company, product, or brand that would otherwise be difficult to convey on social media sites such as Twitter, or Facebook. Blogs foster communities and relationships as well as individuality and autonomy. Starting a blog will do wonders for people in business or self-employment.Having a blog elevates your status from that of someone who simply “works in the field,” but to someone who has become an “expert.”

Starting a blog has a tremendous impact on your career growth as you can both learn and teach others all about your field of knowledge. Let’s look at some of the ways, writing a blog could help you professionally.

Networking/Building Relationships with fellow bloggers and readers

Blogs are not created in vacuums. Though the Internet can make you feel as though your blog is just one blip in the entire universe of blogs, this simply isn’t so. Most successful bloggers arrived at their status by becoming a part of any blogger community. These communities serve to support and help foster innovative ideas within each other’s fields. Food bloggers tend to have their community, while artsy bloggers stick together fitness bloggers share their tips and tricks, and so on and so forth.

The best thing any new blogger can do is research other bloggers who write in their field and reach out to them. Bloggers read each other’s posts, comment and discuss relevant topics, and stay up-to-date on the newest developments in their field. This is an important part of building relationships and networking. When you think about it, it’s not all that much different from real life.

Becoming a part of a blogging community means that your reach extends globally and not just in your own backyard; you’ll be exposed so many new and different ideas that will help expand your mind and hopefully improve your development. Especially if you’re involved in the creative field, this type of support can you help you find new career paths that you wouldn’t have dreamed about before.

Better Planning and Thinking

Creating, starting and maintaining a blog is hard work and requires the ability to multi-task and be a jack-of-all-trade. In order to do it successfully, one must be able to plan, think, write and organise. A blog provides you with excellent practice for that. When you’re writing your blog, you’re constantly planning for what content to publish, making sure its on-topic and relevant. You must make sure it’s written coherently, whether it flows with the rest of the blog.

You must almost make sure your blog is theme specific, that the audience can know what to expect when they begin reading your blog. Plenty of things hinge on these issues being handled efficiently with your blog. Your credibility and reputation being two of the most important things; without these things, your blog is on a shaky foundation.

When you have to design, promote, and write your blog, it forces your mind into three different modes. While much of the work is fun, it will be arduous and even daunting at times. However, like with anything else, the more you do it, the better at it you will be. Consider your blog practice for when the tough deadlines approach.

Creating a blog will leave you better prepared professionally and mentally because you will understand and know how to handle unexpected situations as well as being ready for what you do expect.

Self-Employment / Money Making Bussinesses through blogging

Many of us find ourselves crushed under the corporate hegemony. There simply isn’t very much job autonomy when you work for “the man.” Blogging can change all of that for you. When you become a professional blogger, you take on several roles. You work for yourself. Therefore, you must promote yourself and your products or services you provide. Your blogging helps with this, as in the case of our florist from earlier. Blogging also allows you the freedom to be creative in your own space on your own time.

You will find the time to write about things passionately and thoughtfully all while making a few bucks and while possibly still wearing your pyjamas. Who wouldn’t like that? But the best part of it all is your own boss. Your successes live and die with you, and what better to challenge yourself than with writing a blog chronicling those successes and failures.

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Whether you intend to make a full-time income or part-time from blogging you owe it to yourself to see what else is out there. Blogging gives you space and freedom to explore, learn and cultivate new ideas that may lead to innovations in your field. Remember ten years ago there were no such job titles as “social media account manager,” or “content specialist.” These jobs came into our lexicon upon the advancement of the blog. Many of these social media account managers came upon their jobs because of their excellent writing, maintenance appeal from blogs and social media accounts. They were able to captivate audiences and sell services based off a simple blog.

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The world of blogging is exciting, thrilling and adventurous. It is also nerve-wracking, confusing and downright hard. But while many argue that the return on investment doesn’t match the effort, most would argue, it is downright worth it. Blogging and bloggers have a rare chance to study the world around us and record this age in human history. Bloggers educate, promote and support various communities and social thought in society. Becoming a part of the blogosphere is life-changing in ways that you wouldn’t imagine. Your perspective on life will shift in ways you never thought possible, and your worldview open beyond the horizon you thought you knew. If you feel that you had some life changing experiences after you started blogging, please feel free to share that in the comments column below this post.

For your success.

Reji Stephenson

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