Instagram-The best media to build a brand

Popular image sharing app, Instagram, has become one of the greatest mediums to build a brand. Most people got the wrong notion that Instagram is used only by photographers, but the fact is that it can be used by the common people too who focus more on building their online presence.

Reji Stephenson RihannaInstagram is not just an image sharing app, but the option to add filters and retro style graphics adds the real fun on presenting the subject. And that’s what makes this app more unique and easy to use. Instagram can be used for several purposes. Whether it’s about sharing your new pieces of stuff, your travel experiences or about your company events, Instagram can post it all with a unique outlook.

Instagram is a mobile-only app which is available in popular OS platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. To use this app, you need to sign up using your email id and create a unique Instagram handle with a password. You can edit and modify your profile information and add a display image which would be publicly visible.

Next to stay updated with your friend’s pictures, you can add them to your list and can also add your Facebook friends to find what they are sharing in the app. Now you can start uploading and share your images on Instagram by adding cool retro effects.

Choosing your Instagram handle

The Instagram handle is a simple and unique username which will help you build your online presence. Few of the popular Instagram handles are, CuteSugar, AngelDoll, Romeo, Genius-General, etc. You can also add your name in your handle to make people recognise your account. Some of the Instagram handles sound similar to each other, so it’s very important to choose a unique username that makes you recognisable and helps others remember it easily.

Who uses Instagram?

As I said, Instagram can be used by anyone, and it’s not necessary that he/she should be experienced in photography or similar other stuff to use it. Instagram can rectify and enhance any image even if it is not properly shot. A number of people from various industries use this app.


Instagram can help build an author’s profile in the most exceptional way. An author can take a shot of his/her latest publication and share in on Instagram along with the discounts and offers they are offering with the copy. It may generate more fan followers and readers who’d take an interest in the publication.


Bloggers can use Instagram as a medium to promote and market their blogs. They can take a screenshot of their latest post title and add a relevant image to it to boost its productivity and reach. For reviewers, you can shoot the product that you’re reviewing next and upload it in the app, and this would bring the enthusiastic readers to your blog.


Celebrities have already joined this league and gained massive fan followers. They shoot their event pictures, movie promotions and upload them to their followers to obtain a high reach. For example, if they are a movie star, they influence their fans to look forward to their next releases. In this way, Instagram helps them to get more popular and hence more followers.

Why Celebrities like Instagram?

The greatest personalities love Instagram due to its friendliness and the openness it provides to interact with fans.

Build a relationship with followers

Instagram help celebrities build a strong relationship with their followers. It can be done by commenting and liking each other’s images and creating interactive sessions with fans.

Allows a sneak peek into their personal lives

Where in news and media, followers can just have a peek into the personal lives of their favourite celebrities, Instagram allows them to question and learn a lot more about them. Celebrities can optionally share what’s going on their private lives and lets followers have a look at them.

Get unlimited fans

Celebrities can obtain unlimited fan followers for their Instagram account which is mostly restricted to the other social networking platforms. This way celebrities can build a huge fan following and reach out the broader audience.

Easy to reach out to fans

Nothing else benefits the superstars to reach out to their fans like Instagram provides. With the exclusive interacting and communicating sessions, personalities can speak to their fans and share their thoughts. They can also collect feedbacks on their latest releases and promotions.

Helps broadcast themselves

Celebrities are much fascinated to the platforms those allow to broadcast or show off themselves, and Instagram does the same in an audio-visual way. Celebrities can showcase their pictures and videos through the app and can easily highlight themselves to their fans. It is, in fact, a faster way to promote them.

A marketing and promoting medium

Instagram has become one of the greatest marketing tools for personalities. It helps them in organising surveys and feedbacks on their promotions. Instagram helps celebrities in powerfully building their brands and make themselves more and more popular.

Directly interact with fans

No other media allows direct contact with fans like Instagram does. You can build personal conversations and interactive groups to chat with your fan and ask for their opinions.

Popular Celebrities and Personalities who use Instagram

In this section, I am listing down the top celebrities with their Instagram handles who actively use Instagram for marketing themselves.

Naomi Campbell

Reji Stephenson Naomi Cambell

Instagram handle

Halle Berry

Reji Stephenson Halleberry

Instagram handle

Serena Williams

Reji Stephenson Serena Williams

Instagram handle

Sarah Jessica Parker

Reji Stephenson Sarah Jessica Parker

Instagram handle

David Beckham

Reji Stephenson David Beckham

Instagram handle

Mandy Moore

Reji Stephenson Mandy Moore

Instagram handle

Michelle Obama

Reji Stephenson Michelle Obama

Instagram handle

Justin Bieber

Reji Stephenson Justin Beiber

Instagram handle


Reji Stephenson Shakira

Instagram handle

Ryan Seacrest

Reji Stephenson Ryan Seacrest

Instagram handle


Reji Stephenson Beyonce

Instagram handle

Selena Gomez

Reji Stephenson Selena Gomez

Instagram handle

The Rock

Reji Stephenson The Rock

Instagram handle

Jesse Williams

Reji Stephenson Ijesse Williams

Instagram handle


Reji Stephenson Madonna

Instagram handle

Katy Perry

Reji Stephenson Katy Perry

Instagram handle

Adriana Lima

Reji Stephenson Adrian Lima

Instagram handle

Taylor Swift

Reji Stephenson Taylor Swift

Instagram handle

Britney Spears

Reji Stephenson Britney Spears

Instagram handle

Bob Harper

Reji Stephenson Trainer Bob

Instagram handle


Reji Stephenson Rihanna

Instagram handle

Jennifer Lopez

Reji Stephenson Jennifer Lopez

Instagram handle

Christiano Ronaldo

Reji Stephenson Christian Ronaldo

Instagram handle

Miley Cyrus

Reji Stephenson Miley Cyrus

Instagram handle

Kim Kardashian

Reji Stephenson Kim Kardashian new

Instagram handle

Few Indian Celebrities on Instagram

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone

Instagram handle

Priyanka Chopra

Reji Stephenson Priyanka Chopra

Instagram handle

Alia Bhatt

Reji Stephenson Alia Bhatt

Instagram handle:

Amitabh Bachchan

Reji Stephenson Amithabh Bachan

Instagram handle

Madhuri Dixit Nene

Reji Stephenson Madhuri Dixit

Instagram handle

How Instagram help you build your online presence?

Helps highlighting your content

Instagram brings the subject right in the spotlight so that viewers get easily attracted to it and help you get recognised. It is a platform that showcases and promotes a brand or person and allows you to speak out to people about it. For example, GoPro showcases their activities with great camera clicks and tell people how exciting their adventures are. It makes the audience go crazy about the brand, and they seek for opportunities to work with them.

Keeps your presence intact

It’s important to maintain consistency in the network to stand until a greater time. A balanced maintenance is crucial to run a network steadily with the same or a greater fan following. Since Instagram provides a visual representation of your work, viewers will carry the same interest as they were taking earlier. Only the journey needs to be maintained by you.

Hashtags broadens your reach

Hashtags (#) are the key substance to expand your posts and reach the widest audience. When you add a particular hashtag to a post, it spreads widely. When any user searches the network with that particular hashtag, he/she shall be able to view your update even if they are not in your contact list. Hashtags keeps a track of your mentions and assist you better in promoting and marketing your brand.

Highlight your skills

Instagram is an exciting platform to highlight and showcase your talent in the form of a picture or video. Basically, photographers take a huge advantage of this feature because everything is related to image clicking here. Even if you are not a professional person who’d like to show off your work, but would rather share something that you created out of excitement, then Instagram is the right place to bring it into the spotlight.

Spread user content to multiple social networks

Sharing content on Instagram, not only keeps it limited to the same network, but you can also share the same on Facebook and Twitter. Like Instagram, these two social networks also perform efficiently and help their users in marketing and promoting their brands. So, optionally, you can share the same Instagram post on these networks to find a greater number of audience and followers. Sharing an image on Facebook and Twitter is an integrated option which is available to users in Instagram.


Since the daily marketing and publishing trend is changing, people don’t prefer using the old ways promote a product. Social media has become the king of marketing nowadays, and so the visual recognition of products turned out to be a big necessity. Instagram has encouraged people to promote their brands with a visual representation that captivated maximum users towards it. And so today it is preferred as one of the best marketing and promoting apps.

Image courtesy:Screenshots from the corresponding social media profiles on Instagram.

Image courtesy:Pixabay

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