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Hello my dear readers, today I thought about writing a review of “Authority” WordPress theme from “MyThemshop” as it appears to be the long wanted theme that I was looking for my blog.

Reji Mythemeshop Authority one

I never used to settle with one theme. I have a theme today, tomorrow I have another and probably few more theme changes time and again.Do you know why some bloggers change their themes frequently? I know it may be a bit annoying for at least few regular readers. Still I used to change my theme regularly. The urge to change the theme occurs when we see a new theme with an attractive design. We then think of trying the new one and see how it works.

Anyway, I don’t think I will be changing this current theme “Authority” from MyThemshop for a long time as I am fascinated by its layout and colour combinations used. It appears to me like the long wanted theme that I was looking for my blog.

Thanks to Mathew Woodward for this stunning theme. Yes, I think I have to give a brief explanation of Mathewwoodward and his wonderful work. If you are a blogger, I am damn sure you are a fan of Mathewwoodward. But, then if you are not a blogger, you need to continue reading to know more about him.

Matthew Woodward and the Authority theme

Mythemeshop Authority theme Reji

Mathew Woodward is an award winning six-figure internet marketing blogger and international keynote speaker who was behind the stunning design of this theme. After having a proper research about what are the absolute necessity in his theme, he hired experts to model his theme in the way how it looks now. ‘Authority theme’ is the one he used on his blog that makes him earn millions of dollars in a very short span of time.

Reasons why you should buy WordPress themes from MyThemeshop?

You are never going to make millions from your website or blog like Mathew Woodward did with his award-winning blog. Please don’t get offended if you think I am a bit rude by telling you that you are not going to make income from your blog. I can say that I am not rude but trying to let you know the real fact that you need to write very lengthy useful articles for a targeted audience to make a sizable income compared to Mathew Woodward.

If you are not using a proper theme, your articles in the blog may not get sufficient audience from search engine and hence affect your income from the blog.

Here are the few important reasons why I prefer ‘Authority’ theme from MyThemeshop.

The theme is said to be having high speed in terms of loading time. According to my experience, the theme definitely appears to be meeting that criteria.The speed test conducted using gives me a very good result for my site. This SEO ready theme with its fast loading time will help your site getting ranked high in less time as you keep on adding the contents.
The theme gives any site a stunning appearance on a mobile device. No need to explain the fact that most MyThemeshop themes are excellent in terms of mobile responsiveness. In today’s world, better mobile responsive themes are a must for increasing the user engagement on your site. If your blog is not loading fast, chances are very rare that someone may come back to your site again especially on a mobile device.

The colour combinations used the theme gives your site an absolutely different look compared to most other themes.The theme will give you the option to choose colours from an unlimited colour option so that you can try to give an entirely different look for your website.

Pre-designed templates.

Three pre-designed templates are available for this impressive theme as mentioned below.


Reji Mythemshop Authority Review


Reji Mythemeshop Authority Travel

Reji Mythemeshop Authority Tech

Also, there are three different options available for us while we import the theme as follows.

Reji Mythemeshop Authority Import Export

• Import Theme Options
• Import Theme Options & Widgets
• Import Theme Options, Widgets & Content

Bottom Line

MyThemeshop is one among the best providers of most SEO optimized WordPress themes, and their themes load very fast. So, why are you waiting now? Have a try at using ‘Authority’ theme or go through the list of other Premium Themes from their list.

 Get your favourite themes from MyThemshop now.


Image Courtesy:Screenshots from MyThemeshop website.

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