The Best Paying Affiliate Networks: Which One is the Right One?

Looking to make a career from affiliate marketing? You need to invest in the right affiliate program then. However, how do you know which is the right one for you? We will take a look at the options in front of you and let you know how you can start your own affiliate marketing journey – the right way.

How to select the Best Affiliate Partner?

We assume you have already selected your niche and looking for suitable products or services to promote. Consider the following points when you are choosing an affiliate program.

Maintain Quality

You are not going to promote any product on your page which brings down your reputation. Before going for an affiliate, make sure you know what you are exactly selling. Determine the quality of the product yourself or research online to know the truth. Also, check the vendor website and reputation for further clarifications. Customer feedback is a good way to discover the quality of the product as users leave honest opinions after using them.
Apart from the quality of the product and service, check out the website of the vendor. Does it look professional and inviting? Does it have the potential to convert the traffic generated by you to sales? The payment process and overall user experience are also important. You do not want a consumer stuck in the middle of a purchase to be met with some server or website error.

Payment Rates and Frequency

We should not be telling you about this step as any entrepreneur is sure to consider this by themselves. Still, you need to check out your commission rates, a method of payment, the frequency of payment, the threshold of being paid and other terms. An affiliate program may pay you great commission, but their payments may not be on time. So make sure you know all the payment and tax regulations before you sign up.

Rules for Product Promotion

You are free to promote the affiliate product in any way you want without spamming in the case of Click Bank. Other vendors also let you use blogs, forums, social network, newsletters, etc. to reach consumers. But some of them may have a restriction on the ways of promoting. For example, a vendor may prohibit you from promoting their products on Facebook.

Now if you are an affiliate with a strong Facebook network, this restriction will work against your favour. Som other restrictions may be regarding paid ads, email campaigns, etc. So read the rules properly before you apply.

Terms and Conditions

This consideration is connected to the tip above. Apart from promoting rules, read the general terms and conditions of your affiliate program. This will include them advertising policy, keyword bidding details, Validity of your sale tracking cookie, procedures for buyer returns, etc. It is an important step and should not be skipped.

Training Materials

The best affiliates programs help you in every manner possible when you join their team. You will be provided with tutorials and guidance to set up your campaigns and run your affiliate program. It is essential to check out whether the vendor provides such items. It may be difficult for a beginner or a person without technical knowledge to proceed without such assistance.
Promotional Resources

Your affiliate partner will provide to with promotional materials which you can share on your website and other channels. The basic resources include banner ads, linking tools but are not limited to them. You may get ready made material to be shared on social media, through emails, and on other platforms. Having comprehensive tools for promotion gives you higher chances of conversion. You are also saved from the trouble of creating your own ads or promotional material.

Tools for Affiliate Management

Good affiliate partners track all your details like conversions, traffic, etc. on their platform. You get details on your clicks and get other useful details and information. This is generally accessed from the dashboard of the affiliate website in your account. You can gain insight into your campaigns and determine the performance of current programs.

Affiliate Networks – Starting Your Affiliate Journey?

Some affiliate partners operate their programs on the multilevel network. For example, you get a commission for referring an affiliate to a vendor. When that affiliate makes a sale using the affiliate program, you are paid another commission. You can create your own network of affiliates who again have their own lineup. You get a commission whenever someone in your network or your affiliate’s network makes a conversion. This is not applicable for all affiliate programs.

The affiliate partner will provide you with all the basic tools and codes required to be promoted. You can start without any technical or coding knowledge. Your affiliate manager will always be there to help and assist you with any issue.

All the sales and qualifying leads generated by you are tracked with a unique URL which given by the affiliate partner. This tracking link keeps a record of all traffic and sales made through your website.

Affiliate marketing has been used by many modern day entrepreneurs to realise their own success story. By combining a few strategies, you can set your own affiliate marketing venture. The income becomes substantial once you gain momentum and develop a profitable partnership with promising affiliate partners.

Quality Assistance

We discussed the importance of training tools in one of the points above. Apart from that, you will also need support and assistance from your affiliate partner for various reasons. Reputable vendors dedicate an affiliate manager to you for helping whenever the need arises. Then there are other vendors who never reply to queries and leave all your emails and phone calls unanswered.

What is the Best Affiliate Network for You?

The best paying affiliate program is perhaps Click Bank. It’s one of the most popular affiliate networks, and for a reason. It’s also one of the highest paying affiliate networks today. Here is how you can use it and how you benefit from it.

Sign up with Click Bank

Click Bank is the largest marketplace where vendors put up their products for promoting. You can find thousands of products from all niches imaginable at Click Bank. You have to choose a product and then promote it on your website and any channel you like without spamming. You will receive a commission after each sale which can range from 50% to 75% of the original sale amount.

Click Bank is favourite of beginner affiliates and many signs up for the ease and benefits. It is very easy to do the setup, and you can also access support resources. It is also affordable when compared to other services available.

How to Use Click Bank?

The first thing you need to do is visit Click Bank website and access the Affiliate Marketplace. Here you will find thousands of products from all genres that you can promote. You can use the category list on the left side of your browser or just type in keywords in the search box to locate a product. After you have found the product and a suitable program, click the promote button. This will give you the tracking URL which you will use to promote the products.

Words of Caution

Click Bank is the leading affiliate marketplace and one of the most lucrative and highest converting programs on the internet. For this reason, many scammers and fraud vendors have found their way to Click Bank. They have published fake items of products that do not convert well. It is your responsibility to take the time to research a vendor and product before you decide to promote them.

Click Bank has many genuine and high paying products and services listed on the website. They also make regular and timely payments and have a very high reputation. You will be able to identify the correct opportunities once you take your time and do your research.

There are some helpful aspects offered by Click Bank which will help you identify the products to promote.

How to Find Suitable Products to Promote on Click Bank?

Click Bank gives you some statistics along each product which helps you identify the opportunity. Below each ad, you will see some terms and numbers related to them. Let us find out that they mean. This will help you select the products in demand with high pay offs.

• Initial $/sale – The amount listed for this statistic reveals the average income an affiliate will make by selling the product. This amount also includes the taxes and refunds applicable.

• Avg Rebill Total- This lets you identify vendors who have applied recurring billing for their products. It includes products and services for which customers are billed every month. This amount excludes the initial sale amount.

• Avg %/sale – The statistics helps you get a picture of the average commission rate for total sale of an affiliate partner’s products.

• Gravity Score – This is the most important statistics that helps you choose the most promising programs. It tracks the performance of a specific product for previous 12 weeks to reveal how many separate affiliates succeeded in making a sale. You can get a good insight into the demand for products and their frequency of sales. A high gravity score can also signify tough competition in that genre. You should always opt to promote products which have a gravity score of more than 50.

Click bank is full of offers which are good quality which gives high conversion and also products of inferior quality with a low conversion rate. The key to success is to zero in on the right opportunity. You can use services like Google and other reviews to find the quality of products and the nature of your vendor.

How to Track Your Promotions?

You do not have to make any extra effort to track the sales and referral made by you. Once you select a product, just click on the “Promote” button provided in the advertisement. This will give you your Clickbank Hop link which is your referral tracking URL. You have to implement this URL to promote the product. Any sale made by your referral will be tracked automatically and recorded by Click Bank under your account.

Getting Paid with Click Bank

As we have already mentioned above, Click Bank is serious with its payments. You will get paid every second week through direct deposit or paper check. Your commissions will be collected and saved under your account. You can take your first payment provided:

You have to cross the payment threshold before you are paid by Click Bank. By default, an amount of $ 100 is selected by the website. You can set it as low as $ 10 or as high as $1,000,000. You are paid by check or direct deposit once you accumulate the amount of threshold set in your Click Bank account.

There is a minimum number of sales to make before Click Bank pays you your dues. You will receive your commission once you make in sales involving two different payment methods.

The direct transfer option can be utilised in many countries. Click Bank will directly deposit the amount into your bank in chosen countries without any extra cost. The whole process is done in 2 to 4 days time by which the transfer is completed. It is better to opt for this option rather than paper check for the quickness.

Also, you do not need to worry about due dates of checks and taking extra effort to deposit them into your bank account. Currently, Click Bank allows direct deposits for affiliates based from countries like:

• Mexico

• France

• Belgium

• Canada

• Switzerland

• India

• Ireland

• United Kingdom

• Hong Kong

• Australia

• Austria

• New Zealand

• Germany

• Netherlands

• Singapore

• Spain

Why is Click Bank Suitable for Affiliates?

Click Bank is perfect for many affiliates, especially beginners, for the number of advantages it provides:

• You can find unlimited products to promote which are of high quality and pay well.

• You do not need to have any website to join Click Bank. You can promote the links anywhere you like.

• It takes very less time to register, and the site is also easy to use.

• You can promote as many or as fewer products you want. There is no minimum or maximum limit to the number of promotions you can carry on at a particular time.

Click Bank is great for discovering quality affiliate partners with whom you can foster long term relations. It is best to test the products yourself or in your group before you promote them to be sure. We will also discuss how to select a suitable affiliate partner in our next step and give you more places to look for opportunities.

The Other Highest Paying Affiliate Programs

Some high paying affiliate programs are listed below which you may consider along with Click Bank. These are reputable partners and do not promote any scam.

Amazon Associates

Amazon offers one of the best affiliate programs with access to 1.6 million vendors with products from every niche. You will find thousands of products and affiliates which make the competition a bit tough. Amazon Associates is great for people without technical knowhow as it is really simple and user-friendly.

You can use their massive library and catalogue to promote their products and earn a small commission. The downside is the starting pay at only 4% which means you need to sell in large volume to make profits.

Though Amazon also pays you for the traffic generated. Any clickthrough generated from your tracking URL is paid even if it does not convert to sales. One drawback is you have to wait two months to receive payments from Amazon from your commissions.

Amazon gives great flexibility and ease of use. Advanced users can also get features like API to optimise their campaigns.

eBay Partner Network

eBay Partner Network can be compared to Amazon in its offerings but pays a higher rate of commissions. It has a large collection of products and vendors from all over the world. You can earn from eBay in 3 primary ways:

• Receiving an affiliate commission for a product sold directly

• Receiving payments from referring active bidders

• By referring the first-time users

Many products on eBay are sold on a storefront basis without going into the auction. As an affiliate, you get commissions when the products are sold through your traffic.

eBay was started as an auction site and rewards affiliates for referring bidders. You receive incentives when a bidder registers under you and bids on a product through your affiliate link within 30 days of clicking it.

Commissions can also be earned from bidders taking part in the live auction.

If you can make people join eBay, you are rewarded handsomely. You get double the commission for every first time user. You are paid through Paypal and need not for 60 days like in the case of Amazon.

iTunes Affiliates

Apple has joined the realm of affiliate partners through their support for iTunes. Using the iTunes Affiliates platform, you can sell iOS apps, music, movies and other digital products to your consumers. You are also paid for in-app purchases made by users referred by you. Anytime someone buys a new product; you will get a commission deposited in your name. It is a great market as many apps are given for free, and the real income is derived from in-app purchases.


Neverblue is a popular affiliate network operating for a long time. It is very strict about its affiliate traffic and does not hold any place for dishonest affiliates. It has earned a great reputation over the years with its service and quality opportunities. It offers great payouts, and you can access a wide variety of products.

You can earn in thousands just by choosing the right products and running an optimised site.

It is really easy to sign up, and you get a simple and straightforward interface. The personalised tracking system integrated into the platform helps you to manage your affiliate activities. You are also helped by an affiliate manager whenever you need assistance. It is a bit difficult to join as they are strict on quality.


Being around from the early days, it changed its name recently from Linkshare to Rakuten Affiliate Network. It is one of the biggest affiliate network providing support and legitimacy. You get access to a diverse selection of products from various vendors. You can use the tools and resources provided by the service to optimise your website and campaign.

One advantage of Linkshare is that it automatically plays the different banner ads as slides. You are not required to set them manually and choose the size, customise it, etc. It also provides great flexibility to deep link on merchant landing pages. You get more options to customise the potential of your campaign.

Which one are you going to use first? Let us know!


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