The Future of Graphic Design in the Web World

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Graphic designing has been a trending platform for web enthusiasts. The design is a chief priority for most businesses and industries, and this is why graphic designing is considered as a universal skill that can influence a business. This profession is so demanding that regularly I can find one or a few companies seeking for graphic designers who can lead their way in the market.

Graphic designing is a creative skill that enables one to make any  items like restaurant menus, hoardings, banners, flyers, book covers, product labels, etc. Colourful and eyecatching designs add more life to an otherwise drab looking item.  Graphic designing is inspired by the advancement in technology and software, which designers use to develop the new trends and styles. Even in this modern world, we can see so much progression in the field of graphic designing that make us think as  where it will lead us to in the future.

Where is Graphic Design today?

As I said, even today, graphic designing continues to grow and innovate. But a few of them may be affected by the future designing techniques. Minimal designs have been ruling the industry, and many designers use this concept in their projects as it requires minimum colors and texts, and these designs can be used in any project. Moreover, many websites are adopting minimalistic designs. On the other hand, retro designs have been popular since the old age and still preferred in photographic projects. Even many of the companies prefer retro designs in their business logos as they look evergreen.

Where is it heading?

With the changing technology, graphic designers have started applying new ideas and techniques in their designs. Previously, only professionals were hired for any kind of business projects. But today, with the availability of plentiful resources, freshers and intermediates have adopted the same amount of skill and even, they can design in a better way. Most companies, nowadays, hire freelancers and amateurs who can input unique ideas in their projects. Because no one wants the same old designs and stuff, people always seek for some new and fresh.

Technology has closed the gap between an amateur and a professional, and in fact, amateurs and freelancers have already started replacing professionals. It is due to the advanced software and tools that gave amateurs new abilities and confidence to put an impact in the entire imaging world.

Similarly, several institutions are training new designing enthusiasts and experimenting with new platforms for learning. And the best part is, people who think they can design and have the passion for creating their own art, are truly able to do it. In fact, such individuals give more preference in the graphic designing industry who are enthusiastic about art and creativity.

One such example is TED, who hire individuals from 18 – 24 years from diverse fields and professions, and teaches them design thinking and lets loose to design products for the developing communities. “I started a design-led social entrepreneurship program called Breaker. We assemble interdisciplinary teams of young people, issue them a global challenge, introduce them into the design process and expect them to design a commercially viable product or service that will contribute to the solution of that challenge. In less than one year, we’ve created and launched three products aimed at advancing adolescent literacy and urban agriculture, respectively,” says LaMontagne, from TED.

On the other hand, Economist Daniel Altman plans to teach villagers to design and manufacture their self-made products, without requiring any professional designers.

Graphic Designing in the Future

What we can predict about the future of graphic design is that, more supposedly, freelancers are going to build their own platforms and run with long-term contracts. The rate of freelancers in the graphic designing industry is in a growing phase and probably, they will increase by 90%. It is also forecasted that graphic designing jobs will increase by 13% as the small and medium business are going to require them very often.

In the web designing sector, graphic designing will get completely involved, and this is why people are adopting both the web and graphic designing skills. In fact, most companies seek for people who are equally skilled in graphic and web designing in order to increase their work productivity without hiring multiple individuals for a job.

Industries will pay more attention to responsive web designing, mobile designing, and multimedia and virtual designing. Graphic designers will get the opportunity to build their own personal reputation with the help of online portfolios and social media channels. Designers can showcase their work in their own website/portfolio and strengthen their online presence to increase their reach.

We can foresee that businesses will seek for newer ideas and creations on every new project, and hence, designers need to focus on more creative ideas. On the other hand, new software is likely to be released with more features and functionalities. As this is a competitive era, software companies won’t afford to stay back and will strive for more users. An era will come when designers would be able to work on their mobiles and tablets confidently.

Even newbies might start designing using the online ready-to-use software, where they won’t need to put more effort in designing. They can design using the ready-made templates and logos, and use the integrated fonts and colors. This will hamper the work of art, but starters will probably like using them to generate ideas and avail faster results.

Using Social Media to Boost Credibility

The social media has been a key channel to promote and earn reputation. It has also helped designers generate leads and prospects, and helped them boost their career. With the help of professional pages, you can gain a huge amount of followers and update your potential clients who are interested in your work. Social media is one of the proper ways to generate marketing campaigns and look for what clients are seeking for in your work. You can discuss and produce innovative ideas, and even reach out to local clients.

There is indeed a career growth, that can be seen in the future of graphic designing. It is always important to keep a track of the current industries and trends in the graphic designing field, which will give you an idea of how can be the future be. You will come to know about the positions which will be in-demand in the future and prepare yourself accordingly.


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