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The demand for digital marketing experts is emerging day by day, and also the number of online resources on the topic digital marketing is increasing day by day. Startups and small businesses, especially, require this skill to initiate and run their business because they need a proper operational knowledge on every aspect of digital marketing. Since most of the business campaigns are digitally run, digital marketing is an essential factor to successfully keep your work organised and managed and gain maximum leads. There is a plenty of resources online to study the tactics of digital marketing, but not all provide the full and proper knowledge. Especially, when you are a beginner, you’d need the basic knowledge on the subject and would like to avail them for free. So here are free online resources to study Digital Marketing those can be availed by intermediates as well as by the experienced ones.

Google Online Marketing Challenge

The Google Online Marketing Challenge gives students and professionals a unique opening and experience to create online marketing campaigns using Google AdWords. The course has been availed by more than 110,000 students and professors from almost 100 countries in the past nine years. Here Google offers a $250 advertising budget for students so that they can create and run an online advertising campaign for business or non-profit organisation for a three week period. The teams those develop the most successful campaigns wins amazing prizes, which includes a visit to the Google offices. Participants also get the chance to partake in the AdWords Certification category, optionally by studying and passing the required exams to become an AdWords Certified Individual on the Google Partners platform.

The Google Online Marketing Challenge goes with the following process:

  • Registering for the challenge by entering the necessary details and clicking the verification link sent via email.
  • Accessing the dashboard with the Google account used during the registration process.
  • Choosing a business.
  • Learning about Google AdWords and the client.
  • Uploading the pre-campaign report and requesting crediting.
  • Running the campaign.
  • Writing and submitting the AdWords post-campaign report.
  • Optionally availing the AdWords Certification Award.
  • Sharing the results and campaigns with your rival client and GOMC.
  • Judging and awarding.

WordStream PPC University

PPC University is another free learning resource for digital marketing which is developed by WordStream. This course helps build your PPC (Pay Per Click) and digital marketing capabilities which access to a wide range of guides and resources. PPC University helps you go through a series of subjects such as analysing keywords, PPC, CPC, CPA, CTR, Ad Groups, Text Ads, Long-Tail Keywords, A/B Testing, and lots more. The platform also organises webinars for a better understanding of the subject. PCC University is open to beginners as well as professionals. It provides a flexible framework of PPC courses to help you learn about paid searches and the advanced PPC strategies you have never known. In an easy-to-follow format, the course contents can be understood straightforwardly. PPC University includes a course module on social advertising where you can learn the A to Z of social media advertising, optimising Facebook ad campaign, creating successful Facebook ads, ad costs and the best targeting options in social advertising. PPC University also offers a free AdWords training program where students can start with PPC 101 and then move to PPC 102 and Advanced PPC. Each of the course is equipped with PPC tips and suggestions on PPC tools which would be helpful for your learning.

Social Media Quickstarter

The Social Media Quickstarter offers step-by-step instructions on building your social media presence across the world’s top most social networking platforms. Each social network marketing guide consists of a detailed guide enabling businesses to attract more customers and attain a greater level of success. The Social Media Quickstarter Guide teaches online marketing for the major social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, Snapchat, and Blogging. It has been explained that only opening a business page or account does not pull customers, but it’s the kind of interaction and customer engagement that builds a trust factor among the audience. The SMQ explains the different ways to promote a business, how and when to promote it, running a social media ad, branding your page, and lots more.

Alison Diploma in E-Business

The Diploma in E-Business course by Alison is a free course that helps any industry person attain a certain knowledge and understanding about online marketing and implementing it the right way. This course teaches you the ways to build an effective online marketing plan, promoting your business online, improving your website landing page for greater conversion rates. This course gives you a detailed knowledge about using the primary Google tools like Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google AdSense, and Google WebMaster for implementing your online marketing strategy. The Diploma in E-Business course is great for webmasters who lack the proper knowledge about online marketing and want to be an expert in this field. You will get the opportunity to realise the significance of online marketing plan for the consistent success of your business.

SEO Training Course by Moz

SEO is the practice of optimising a website with internal and external traits to improve traffic and gain maximum visits from a search engine. Moz is a leading developer of SEO software that helps marketers views their actionable insights to improve visibility online. The SEO Training Course by Moz is a free course that will help you build an online SEO strategy with their step-by-step guide. This course includes a number of programs such as ways to use your social profiles for SEO, keyword targeting, link building with Twitter, mapping keywords to content, and SEO strategy development. This course is applicable to anyone who is a beginner or is enthusiastic about learning the A to Z about Search Engine Optimisation. It will help you with practising SEO with high focus and in optimising your business website.

A Guide to Create a Website on WordPress

This free course will help you learn how to create a fully functional website using WordPress. Not only this, you will learn how to add, change, and modify the already added content and get the basic knowledge about using WordPress. WordPress is a popular blogging and website building platform that has helped many businesses create their websites and blogs. Websites are mainly built to present your business to the audience and deliver a proper knowledge about it. This course will teach you how to create a WordPress site in an hour, which will also be responsive (mobile friendly). You will also get a coupon to host your website and use the updated version of WordPress. The course will also offer you a certificate of completion, and the complete lectures will be downloadable. The course contains a total of 10 lectures with an intro and an outro over a total of 55 minutes. The Guide to Create a Website on WordPress course is mainly for people who want to learn the basics of WordPress, wants to create a fully functional website themselves, small business owners, online marketers, students, affiliate marketers, and developers.

Advanced SEO: Tactics & Strategy by Moz

The Advanced SEO course not only provides a basic knowledge of SEO but here you will learn about a wide range of SEO subjects. This course will deliver the in-depth knowledge in SEO, the deeper concepts, and strategies on the subject to make you an instant winner of the game. The Advanced SEO course provides a profound information for all levels of knowledge, including the SEO beginners and the experienced. You will learn how to move rankings up and older existing content, remove unnecessary steps and win maximum shares, conversions, and links, use social media to earn links, UX myths that hurt SEO, SEO and personalization, and lots more. This course is conducted by Moz, a leading software developer that helps marketers get actionable insights to improve their online visibility.

Internet Marketing for Smart People by Copyblogger

Internet Marketing for Smart People provides you with a simple learning about implementing an effective online marketing plan. This course is conducted by Copyblogger who will help you create a profitable online business and marketing your offline business online. You will receive an organised guide of the best tutorials those are published in Copyblogger over these years. Internet Marketing for Smart People is a free 20-part course and an email newsletter that will be delivered to your inbox. The site has provided advice on online marketing since 2006 and is introducing the smart concepts that every online marketer should know. Copyblogger explains that there are several pillars of online marketing which include, building strong relationships with consumers, copywriting, content marketing, and having a unique idea or product which is worth selling. To avail this course, you’ll have to sign up for a membership on the Copyblogger site.

Introduction to Marketing by Coursera

The Introduction to Marketing course is taught by the three of Wharton’s top faculty from the marketing department. This course comprises of three topics in customer loyalty: branding, customer eccentricity, and practical, go-to-market strategies. Here you will learn about brand equity which is one of the major elements of keeping customers in an evolving world, customer focus and need-gathering, and go-to-market strategies. This is a free course as a part of Wharton’s Business Foundations Specialization, which takes five weeks of study (4-6 hours per week) and is taught in English/ Vietnamese/ Turkish/ Chinese/ Ukrainian.

Certification Courses from HubSpot

The Certification Courses from HubSpot will provide you with a detailed knowledge on the different aspects of digital marketing. Their course comprises of a wide range of certifications such as inbound certification, email marketing, inbound sales, content marketing, sales software, marketing software, agency partner, growth-driven design, and HubSpot design, and contextual marketing. Each of the course is free of cost and will provide you with a detailed and step-by-step learning on the topic. For instance, the email marketing course will deliver the details on lifecycle marketing, segmentation, email design, deliverability, analytics, and optimisation. The Certification Courses from HubSpot will boost your career by keeping you up-to-date with the latest digital marketing practices and help to develop your business.

Free Courses in Marketing from Udemy Academy

Udemy Academy provides you with a range of free online courses in digital marketing by the industry leading experts and professionals. Ranging from SEO to online marketing, you can learn to boost your business productivity with the help of a broad list of courses and subjects. Udemy Academy offers the series of free marketing courses from where you can enrol for any subject of your choice. You can view the course details, the topics, and sessions included in it, the duration, certification details, and learn about the instructor before getting enrolled. You can even view the student ratings who got enrolled in a specific course and had provided their rating and reviews. Each course mentions whether it is a beginner level or an expert level course so that you can determine your eligibility.

Lynda Marketing Training and Tutorials

Lynda is a leading online learning platform by LinkedIn that helps anyone learn about online marketing and other subjects to attain their professional goals. Whether you are an individual or from a corporate sector, with Lynda, you can avail the top quality courses and get industry-level knowledge. The marketing training and tutorials by Lynda will deliver the winning marketing strategies using the current tools and platforms. Lynda’s marketing courses will make you a skilled marketer so that you can expertise in public relations, SEO, PPC, web analytics, and social media marketing. Lynda courses are not entirely free of cost, but you can avail a 10-day free trial to learn marketing.


Ted is another leading and motivating platform that offers video knowledge about different subjects, including digital marketing. Whether you got an innovative idea or running a company, TED will guide you how to promote it and let the world know about it. TED Talks share the latest strategies on how to spread a message in this hyper-connected world and work smarter and consistently. Their marketing videos are more motivational rather providing the traditional knowledge about it, and this is what makes TED Talks a more exceptional learning platform.

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