Why choosing YuppTv over Lebara play in the UK

Review: YuppTv Vs Lebara play in the UK

YuppTv and Lebara play have remained the unparalleled and standard OTT content providers in the United Kingdom throughout the last decade. The most frequently looked up review on search engines this year was “YuppTv Vs Lebara play”; hence, we intend to establish a full-fledged analysis of both content providers to help you decide better.

A brief on YuppTv:

YuppTv is a well-established and grounded Internet TV provider in the United Kingdom that telecasts a plethora of channels in 13 different languages. The provisions and packages have been specially structured to quench the thirst that NRI audience have towards many events and cultural aspects from  their native country India. Their service is targeted and instant; with provisions to avail Indian channels on their TVs, STBs, PCs, Tablets, smartphones and gaming consoles.

A brief on Lebara play:

Lebara play in the United Kingdom specifically targets Tamil audience broadcasting Tamil TV shows and movies right at your disposal through your mobile phones, tablets, laptops or through a set-top box connection. The provider enables support to multiple devices; hence, users can register multiple devices on the server and avail content two devices simultaneously. However, each account affords access to only one set top box at a time.

Channel List:

YuppTv offers a plethora of channels in 13 different mainstream Indian languages while Lebara play offers only Tamil channels in the United Kingdom. As well, YuppTv telecasts its channels seamlessly owing to its swift broadcasting servers. As Lebara play focuses mostly on Tamil channels in the United Kingdom, they readily loose points while compared with YuppTv.

Winner: YuppTv [YuppTv – 1, Lebara – 0]

Cost per Year:

There are two main aspects to be considered when looking up and comparing “Cost per Year” of the subscription packages offered: Plan cost and Device cost.

a) Plan cost

YuppTv offers different packages for each of the 13 languages they encapsulate; for the sake of comparison we are dealing with packages only in the Tamil language. In the case of YuppTv, three packages are provided viz Basic, Gold and Tamil+Hindi Value pack. The “Basic Pack” comes for a mere 69.99 GBP per year; while the Gold package can be availed at discounted price of 99.99 GBP. The Tamil+Hindi Value Pack offers a wide arena of channels priced again at a discounted price of 199.99 GBP. On the other hand, Lebara play provides most Tamil channels at 99.99 GBP per year. The same as the gold package of YuppTv, however, limited to a single language.

b) Device cost

Lebara play provides the required devices combined with a one-year subscription package at 125 GBP. On the other hand, YuppTv can be directly availed on any of your gadgets directly without having to relay the broadcast. YuppTv has ingeniously built an application that requires only a stable internet connection; install the app, and you are all set to watch your favorite channels right where you are, or wherever you go.

Winner: YuppTv [YuppTv – 2 Lebara – 1]

VOIP Phone Package:

Lebara has recently launched free VoIP application that also serves as a free messaging tool. “Lebara Talk” as it is popularly called; the application is free to download and provides complete convenience through its voice and messaging features that have been widely acclaimed. The application is available for both Android and iOS users; hence, swiftly snatching away a few points from YuppTv has as yet not shown any sign of competing for this moderately futuristic move by Lebara play.

Winner: Lebara [YuppTv – 2 Lebara – 2]

Device Compatibility:

YuppTv is compatible with almost every device you can think of ranging from Samsung Smart TV to Roku Streaming player and from Tivo to Nexus Player; the make allows it to be an all-rounder. Apart from this, YuppTv provides its flagship YuppTv media player which works as efficiently and/or with a slight added advantage. On the other hand, Lebara play is accessible on your smartphones and tablets, PC and Mac, Lebara Play set top box, Smart TV, and Chromecast and Airplay. Although the latter seems to have a better compatibility with several mainstream devices, let us not forget that YuppTv provides its very own application that can help stream channels on any of the aforementioned channels.

Winner: Tie [YuppTv 3 – Lebara 3]

Own Device:

Lebara play has for always dispatched their consignments together with the set top boxes and a one-year subscription option. The same device pays heed to both live streamings on channels over the internet, but also engages in VoIP successfully. However, The YuppTv media player is far more superior in terms of high definition streaming and quality over Lebara play. In fact, in the case of YuppTv, any device is an own device when accessed through the Android or iOS application which can be downloaded from the Play Store or the Apple store.

Winner: Tie [YuppTv 4 – Lebara 4]

YuppFlix (Vs) Lebara Movies:

At a mere 5.62 GBP, YuppFlix lightens up your evenings with movies from 9 Indian languages; not just movies to be specific, they bring in drama, romance, thrill, comedy, classics and a compact entertainment package. To know their schemes and provisions better, you can avail free trial package they offer which buffers the aforementioned in full HD for two weeks. On the other hand, Lebara Movies adhere you to your seats with blockbuster hits and thousands of mainstream movies, both from the Tamil film Industry (Kollywood).

Winner: YuppTV [YuppTV 5 – Reliable 4]

Customer service:

The customer service provisions provided by YuppTv might not be absolutely perfect in terms of advancements and ease of control and access, but it is far too superior while compared with the mediocre services provided by Lebara play.

Winner: YuppTV [YuppTV 6 – Lebara 4]

Overall Winner: YuppTv [YuppTv 6– Lebara 4]


In today’s multi-cultural and multi-lingual society, users are interested in experimental and abstract Television rather than the conventional list of channels that talk about their very own. Even in the United Kingdom, Non-regional Indians tend to watch and seek channels that represent India as a whole rather than just a particular Industry. Lebara play’s specifically targeted audience incorporation, weighing all the pros and cons, ends up to be a major setback as YuppTv satisfies Tamil viewers in the UK as much, or in most cases discussed in this review better than Lebara play.

Image Courtesy: Screenshots from YuppTV.com

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