7 Article Writing Tips for Beginners

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You know what the core of your blog is?

Theme? Logo? Blog name?

Not at all! It’s the content itself. All the three elements I mentioned above are significant. But a visitor comes to your blog not to enjoy those, but to grab valuable information from your articles.

That’s why you should master  the art of article writing as a blogger. There are different forms of writing like the fiction, non-fiction, etc. A blog post can fall in either of the categories but, the style is what matters the most.

Article Writing Tips for Beginners

I have coined seven article writing tips for beginners, which you can find below.

#1. Pay Heed to Your Title

I always talk about the influence of article titles and I always will. The very first thing anyone notices about your blog post is the title.

And, it’s your responsibility to make it appealing as the saying goes ‘The first impression is the best impression’. If you are confused about the way of titling your article, you should check how popular bloggers do it.

Then, try to imitate a good number of them randomly. After a month, check the response each title get and compare it with the responses you got from your old posts with your own title. (Obviously, you will have a favourite one). There you go! This way you will develop your own ideas for finding attractive titles for your articles.

According to  surveys on the internet, listicles and how-to articles are the top in terms of CTR.

#2. Don’t Make it Complicated

You are writing a blog post, not a research thesis. Therefore, your articles should be simple both literally and ideally.

Always think like an ordinary visitor. If you use gigantic words and complex idioms, most of your visitors will drop reading the article in the midway. The same goes on with the ideas in the post as well. In case you use anything complicated, explain the same in simple words.

There may not be any problem in using the terminology if you target any portion of the crowd. Say for a medical blog; there is nothing wrong in using medical terms because the visitors are mostly doctors.

#3. A Big NO to Mistakes

You have to forget the saying ‘to err is human’ here.

In your articles, you should not make any factual errors. Many people are out there who have knowledge of the subject matter your article deals with. And, your blog will lose the credibility if you make any errors.

Next fatal mistakes are  in  grammar and punctuation. Your factual errors may not be detected by everyone. But the errors in language can be caught by any English user. So, always try to avoid even a minor mistake in grammar and punctuation.

English grammar may seem like a mountain for those who are non-natives. But you can use any grammar and punctuation checker to make the error correction automated.

After the automated correction, you should read the article carefully because no algorithm can beat human brain.

#4. Use Images in Articles


“An image is worth thousand words.”

Yeah, it is true! You can avoid blabbering if you use an apt picture at the accurate place.

Whenever you try to elongate a paragraph about a specific idea, think whether it can be depicted effectively on a picture or not. In case there are no images available for the specific purpose, you can go on create one.

No, no! I don’t want you to be a graphic designer or hire one. There are many readymade graphic designing tools available both online and offline, which help you make breathtaking images without taking one heck of your time.

My favourite tool is Canva. If you devote some time for the learning curve, you can try Photoshop too.

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#5. Work on the Intros

The second thing people notice in your article is the introduction. If you manage to captivate their mind with your title, they will surely start reading the post.

You can start your article in any way. But it should be appealing to your audience. You can ask a question, shock them, evoke curiosity, share an anecdote.

As I said earlier, you can start an article in any way. Still, it should make your audience stick on to your content. I strongly recommend you should read articles of Jon Morrow of SmartBlogger to learn the art of weaving awesome intros.

#6. Let them be a Part of Your Article

I don’t like reading boring articles with no first and second person nouns (I and You). So yeah, in order to make your articles interesting, you should use those subjects (I and You) often.

Moreover, you can ask them questions. I recommend you should learn question tags. In my case, question tags work all the time.

Consider, imagine and suppose are three words that ensure the participation of your audience in the article. You can find other words as well.

If possible, you can give readers a work. For example, you can ask them to take a sheet of paper and write down something (regarding the subject). Then at the end of the article, you can predict it or do something engaging.

#7. Believe in the Power of Words

Again, I say this always.

You should understand the power of words. There are many words that imply the power and pour the same to your audience.

SmartBlogger has an article on power words. You must bookmark it and, use those words in your articles to attract more eyeballs.

Wrapping Up

You have got seven article writing tips now. Though the title says it is for beginners, it works very well for anyone.

What do you think now? Have you tried any of the tactics mentioned here? What’s your experience?

Wow! You have something else to add into this, right? Don’t forget to use the comment section below jot down your thoughts.

And, you can reach out to me if you have any doubt regarding this article. I will be more than glad to help you out.

I hope you will share this post with your social media friends.


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