IMG_6417 A.jpegThanks a lot for dropping by and welcome to this digital marketing blog ““. The founder of this blog,  Mr. Reji Stephenson is an Indian-born blogger, content writer and digital marketer (Internet marketer) based in London. He is an Engineering graduate (Electronics & Telecommunication) and currently pursuing higher level qualifications in Digital marketing.Although he is a part-timer in blogging, he has been actively  involved with blogging related activities for the past two years. In this blog, he writes about Digital Marketing, Blogging, Social Media and Technology.

Few random things about the topics of discussion in this blog

  • The main topic of discussion in this blog will be anything connected to blogging; that may help, inspire, motivate and promote other bloggers especially newbie bloggers.
  • Blogging is not complete without social media. Hence, Social Media is one of the topics of discussion in this blog.
  • The posts shared under the technical category mainly comprises of real life experience of using a product or service. Therefore, you can expect more product/service reviews in this category.
  • Other main topics of discussion in this blog include Digital marketing, make money online, online entrepreneurship and related subjects.
  • Knowing about the experiences of successful bloggers is a good source of learning and motivation for newbie bloggers. Hence, you may find such interviews occasionally as part of this blog.

This blog was featured as one of the top 50 technology blogs in India in the year 2015 in an article published by Rebateszone, one of the leading Online Shopping coupons website in India.

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