How to get better blog posting ideas

(This is a guest contribution by Mr. Robin Khokhar. Read more about him in the Author bio below the post.)

Are you a blogger and not getting much ideas to write a new blog post? You have a Micro niche blog and not finding a topic for your blog?

Better blog posting ideas

When I was a newbie I wanted to write about everything I see and read but now I make choices for my Blog posts and try to make it unique and excellent so that it is being liked and shared by the readers.

And if you are always confused about writing a blog post, then I must say that you have landed on the right page. Because I will be sharing some of the best techniques which I have used to write blog posts for my blog. Not only for your blog but these tips will help you to write a guest post on other’s blog too.

I don’t know that you have read or not any post for crafting blog post ideas, but I assure you, after reading this post you will not have any difficulty in writing any blog post.

Crafting a good blog post is very difficult, but a good post can reign over the internet in all the ways. I personally recommend you to use long tailed keywords for your blog post.
So, here are the tools and techniques which I used to get blog posting Ideas:

1.Read others Blogs:

My first ever tip that I want to give to any blogger to get ideas for blog posting is to read others blog. Mainly I recommend reading the blog posts of Brian Dean of backlinko, Harsh Aggarwal of Shoutmeloud and Neil Patel of Quick Sprout. And there are many other amazing Bloggers. Just check out how they craft a full amazing post from a single query or word into a huge post. You can do that too.

If you want to become a good writer, first you have to become a good reader. Let me tell you how I get amazing blog post ideas by reading others blog, I look for questions used by them and mainly check the comments. Because in the comment section you will get questions asked by newbies and if the question is good enough then writing a blog post on it is not a bad idea. This has always worked for me and has helped me to get some extra traffic.


This website is a treasure for me to find Blog posting ideas. Just search something on Quora and you will be getting hundreds of questions, answered or unanswered.

If you are a regular user of Quora, you must be familiar with it.
Suppose if I search a word or Phrase on it, it will help you get many ideas.
Robin Guest post

I have taken a screenshot of it. It shows all the recent question asked and you scroll down to get lots of questions for the same.

You can follow those topics or person who you interest the most. I have made my profile in such a way that I get the questions which are in my niche only like SEO, Google, WordPress and other technical things.

But you can make your profile according to your niche. Like you have a niche about animals, what you have to do is follow persons who ask questions about animals or answer about animals. Quora is smart enough and will appear up all the things that you choose.

3.Google Search:

You can call Google the Daddy of all search engines and everyone wants to rank for it. And on the other hand, Google is a big help and can help you get blog better posting ideas for your blog too.
Let me tell, how Google can help you to get blog posting ideas. I think there are two ways.

#Searching on the Google

When you search on the Google, it automatically starts working and gives you suggestions. Like when I type the word “Apple”, I get some other words like “Apple India”, “Apple Iphone6” and “Apple Iphone5s”. You can see the image below.

Robin Khokkar guest postLikewise, when you type a query, you surely get some suggestions on the search basis, and you can use the idea for crafting a blog post.

#Related searchesGuest post Robin KhokkarIn the above image, you can see that there are some suggestions given by Google. You can choose some of the words from here. You can find this section at the end of the Google’s results page.

4.Ask your readers?

This idea came to my mind when one of the bloggers emailed me and asked (because I subscribed to her blog) “Can I write a post for you?” She asked me. And I will write for you on my blog. Tell me about the difficulties you are going through”. It’s very good way to get blog ideas. And this way you also email your subscribers to solve their difficulties and get blog posting ideas.

Another incident that happened to me, he was new a blogger and was asking me questions again and again about blogging on social networking site (Facebook). And I was unable to answer all his questions due to lack of time. So, I asked him to email all his queries, and he emailed me. What I did, you will be amazed. I wrote a post on his question-based email, and that is really doing good and got many comments. You can check my post (Questions asked by one of my Visitors).

So, I would recommend you to email your blog visitors personally and ask them what they would like to learn or read. In what area they are struggling? It will boost your blog post ideas, and you will be able to write better and more.

5.Join Communities:

There are many community sites which you can join to get some blog posting ideas. Every day on these community sites many questions are asked, and many are answered. Everyone can share their views and discuss in these communities.

I personally get many ideas from these sites. Sites like,,, and These community sites have not only helped me to get blog posting ideas but also helped me to get some good referral traffic for my blog. Mainly is an awesome community site where you will find millions of active users helping each other. If you want to know about anything which you don’t know, just make a question and ask there, you will surely get a good response.

I will always suggest joining as many as community sites you can join. I also wanted to give a mention about the forums, use them too. I rarely use them but if possible use them.

6.Roundup post:

I think this is one of the best ideas of blog posting. Although I haven’t yet made a roundup post for my blog, there are many bloggers who are doing roundup post to get lots of traffic and more exposure. The reason for making a roundup post is that many people/bloggers are involved in the roundup, and having involved so many bloggers means they will be commenting on your blog as a thanksgiving returning the favor.

I have seen many new bloggers gaining a load of traffic and exposure. What these new bloggers do, involve more than 100 bloggers in their one post which in return proves to be a good help. Because there may be some bloggers, who will be returning the favor by sharing the post on their social networks which could turn into a good startup for the blog publisher.

Robin Khokhar guest post

7.Taking Interviews:

I have seen many bloggers with a menu of “interview” on the top. Writing about some good and popular bloggers will help you to boost your website. Reach the blogger or entrepreneur who is popular and have a good reputation and ask them to be the part your interview.

I am sure that they will be willing to give the interview for your blog. But it all depends on you that how you do the interview with them and how you convert that interview into the best blog post.

Even taking the interview with other bloggers will boost up your blog via social networks. The reason you will get more social shares because bloggers want to share their achievement’s with their audience to make a good reputation.

Finally, What I want to say:

These are the tools and techniques which I used many times to find blog posting ideas for my blog. I believe that these tips are going to be a big help for you too.

But still if you think that that you need more help with the blog posting ideas, I will be available for you.

And also, if you know any technique or tips for creating a blog post, then do let us know through your comment and make this post even more valuable for the readers.

Robin KhokarAuthor Bio:Robin khokhar is the founder of Tricky Enough, a blog where you can find all about Blogging and SEO.He is good at the search engine and search marketing issues. Yollow can follow  him on twitter @jacoblucky3


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