How to make money from different niches of blogging

Make money blogging

Many of the newbie bloggers are unaware of the ideas on how to make money  from different niches of blogging . Some people start writing blogs as they are too much interested in showcasing their talents in writing, and they are never behind money.

In this article, I am trying to cover income generating ideas for six different niches of blogging that include technical, travel, fashion, sports, photography and personal blog. The aim of this post is to give anyone (mostly for the newbie bloggers) an overall idea of the various ways by which they can generate income from a blog. Let me first start with the case of a technical blog.

1.How to make money from your technical blog.

 There are numerous methods by which you can make money from your technical blog.

> Have advertisements on your blog

Once your blog grow out into one having sufficient amount of traffic, you can try for contextual ads like Google Adsense in your blog. There are various other alternative platforms of ads are available like the Infolinks, Chitika, etc. You can also use Yahoo Publisher once your traffic on the blog is high enough for that.

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>Reviewing products on your niche

Product reviews are another source of income for your blog if you are interested in continuously reviewing different products on your blog. In the initial stages, you may just wonder what products to start with for the review. Don’t worry. Start with those products that you use in your daily life like your smartphone. Once your blog gain enough reputation, you can have the options to get products for review from websites that provide you the products for reviewing.

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>Use affiliate programs on your blog

Start using affiliate programs from Amazon and E-bay that will help you earn a sizable income if you can drive enough traffic to your blog and sell your products.

Blogs from home

>Be a blog consultant

When you reach a certain level in blogging after a period, you will gain more knowledge about the subject that you write. Once you prove that you are a master in the topics, it is the time to start thinking of making yourself available as a blog consultant.

You can avail the services of an excellent blog consultant here for making your blog a great success.

>Become a freelance writer/ghostwriter

You know that millions of websites are there on the internet. The owners or those who are running these websites need contents for their websites in various niches or topics. If you can find some time and have the talent to pen down quality articles, you can be a freelance writer or ghostwriter providing articles for them.

You can contact here a blogger who will do freelance as well as ghostwriting for you.

>Selling websites

There are a lot of web entrepreneurs who intentionally make websites to sell for a profit. This option is a better fit for technical bloggers than bloggers in any other niche. There are websites like that you can utilise for this purpose.

2.How to make money from your travel blog?

When I started blogging, I was just wondering how these travel bloggers make money from their blog? I was so curious to know how they met their travel expenses. Later when I got the opportunity to interact with more bloggers, I found out my answers for the sources from which a travel blogger can earn money.

travel blogging

Most of the travel bloggers start writing about the local places first. Their blogs may not give the impression of a quality one in the beginning stages. When more and more contents are added to it, people and organizations related to travel may start noticing the site and hence more traffic to the blog. From this stage, a travel blogger can start thinking of seriously monetizing their blogs starting with advertisements like Google Adsense, Infolinks, Chitika and that similar kind.

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You may just wonder whether there is any more source to earn income from a travel blog.  Even I was thinking the same way like you when I landed in U.K for the first time and seeing a lot of travel blogs and fashion blogs on the internet. The curiosity why the people here are more interested in travel blogs made me have a small research on the topic. Also, I had interacted with many travel bloggers to have more money making ideas from their blog. So here are the few ways by which a travel blogger can earn money.

>Sponsored posts

Sponsored posts are a source of income for most of the travel bloggers worldwide. Perhaps, some of you reading this post may not know much about sponsored posts. Hence, I am giving a small definition here for those who are new to the concept of sponsored post.

A sponsored blog post is a post written by you or by an advertiser for promoting a product or service and with the condition that you will get paid for publishing such post in your blog.

>Affiliate marketing

When you are doing affiliate marketing as a travel blogger, you may not be always selling a product but referring some service. For example, you may write a review about a good hotel that you stayed. Visitors to your blog may use the links in the blog to book the hotel and hence you may get a commission.

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>Sell your products on the blog

After few of travel blogging, you can have travel related items that you can sell on your blog. For example, you can make e-books or CD’s describing tours to few particular destinations you travelled. It may serve as a source of information for the best and cheap airline details, better accommodation facilities and much more.

>Speaking at conferences

After you achieve great success as a travel blogger, you might get opportunities to speak at conferences. If you are a good public speaker, try to polish up your skills. You might even get a chance to appear as a television presenter for travel shows.

Travel blog

>Mentoring and coaching

Like any other niches in blogging, new travel bloggers like to have mentors and coaches. If you are into blogging for at least six to seven months, you might know the importance of having a mentor to help you. Always keep that option in mind and work towards it when your blog reach to the next higher levels in terms of traffic and other rankings.

>Run a travel agency alongside your blog

You might have acquired vast knowledge and experience after travelling to numerous tourist destinations around the world. What else you need to run a travel agency alongside your blog to help your customers (your readers are now your customers) to plan their journeys in a better way.

>Freelance writing projects

While you are writing your blog, you may get chances to write for different projects like writing for a well-established travel magazine. It is not a bad idea spending time for writing one or two articles in a week for established publications.

>Create videos of your travel

It seems easy to create a How-to video for a technical blog if you have the presentation skills as well as good knowledge of the subject. But creating videos of a tourist destination can be done only when we are at that particular location. If you are a well-established travel blogger, it is not a bad idea to have a small film crew while travelling. Filming your journeys may be easier if you are doing travel blogging as a husband-wife pair. You cannot rule out the chances that your travel videos might be used in one of those reputed television travel shows.

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3.How to make money from your fashion blog?

Fashion blogging is a big trend among teenagers especially in countries like U.S.A. A quick search on the internet will reveal you an idea about the large number of fashion blogs created by teenagers. Like travel blogging, you may not expect that a fashion blog can be used as a source of income. It may never give you the impression that someone can make money from it. Only when you are associated with blogging for a considerable amount of time, you will realize the true earning potential of a fashion blog.



Advertisements are a common source of income for bloggers of any niche. The only difference is the type of advertisement that suits your niche. If you are a fashion blogger, the type of advertisement you can have on your blog should be related to fashion. An advertisement showing the latest tablets may look awkward in a fashion blog. Similarly, an advertisement showing latest trends in clothing will look awkward in a technical blog.

>Sell your products

If you are running a fashion blog, I am sure that you will be updating it with the latest trends in clothing. Why don’t you start selling the trendy clothes? You can do that from your blog itself or choose to start an online shop separately using platforms like Shopify and give a link from your blog.

>Affiliate Programs

Using affiliate programs in the blog is one of the most common methods for generating income from your blog. If you can get big traffic to a blog with affiliate programs from Amazon and e-bay, there is the chance that you can earn a considerable amount of income from it.

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>Blog Consultant

Millions of new blogs are created every single day. The amount of new blogs in the form of fashion blogs is increasing day by day due to the presence of social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. The chances of getting you hired as a blog consultant more if you can make a success in promoting and projecting yourself as an authority in the field.

>Be an ambassador of certain products

As a fashion blogger, you will be writing reviews and opinions on various beauty products you use or wear. It therefore becomes easy for you to become an ambassador of such products, provided you have the necessary talents and skill to make it big.

>Actively involve in fashion shows

Do you think anyone can start a fashion blog and make it a success? I would say that the answer is a big ‘No’. A fashion or beauty blog is not everyone’s cup of tea. You need to have some qualities in you that can make you a successful fashion blogger. Of course, you need to be a fashion model too. Your blog will let you brand yourself as a fashion model. This positive aspect from your blog will make your journey much easier for you to actively involving in fashion shows.

4.How to make money from your sports or games blog?

When the idea of writing a blog came up in mind for the first time, I was thinking of starting a blog on cricket. Born in a country where cricket is considered as a religion, it is not unusual that I planned to write a cricket blog. But later I decided not to proceed with that idea and instead started this blog.

Sports blog

Well! You might be wondering how you can make money by writing about sports or games. Trust me, we can make money from our Sports blog as well provided that you have a decent traffic to earn.

Here are some of the ways you can earn from a sports blog

>Advertising platforms like Google AdSense.

Whether you are writing about football or cricket, it is the traffic to your blog that is the key factor. A good blog with a decent level of traffic can earn income from its advertisements. So if you update its content with quality posts that attracts your followers regularly will do the trick of getting the income from advertisements.

Creative2-300X250 (3)


>Selling tickets for major sports events.

When you try to gather information from different sources for your blog, it makes you in touch with different authorities who shoulder the responsibility of organising a sporting events. It will lead you to get opportunities for selling tickets for the event. This income may be a meagre amount, but it may not be that bad if you can get that income every few months in a year. For example, you may get the opportunity to sell the season tickets for big football matches or cricket matches that are played every year as a tournament.

>Write sponsored posts

You can try using sponsored posts on your blog. Getting sponsored posts for a sports blog is not an easy thing. Still there are chances that you may get such posts when big events are taking place. There might be people and organisations approaching you to promote a product or service that is connected with the event.

>Start an event blog simultaneously to make some money online.

You may wonder how to make money from an event blog. Don’t worry. Here are few ways you can try.

How to make money from event blogging?

I never heard about event blogging and had any idea what it is until the day I read an article that explains what event blogging is all about. In case if there is anyone who is not familiar with an event blog, I am giving a small explanation to understand what event blogging is all about

A blog created keeping in mind an event that is going to happen soon like a world cup football or something similar is called an event blog.

An event blog can be run for few months until the event is over. For example, if a world cup football match starts next month, you can start a blog now until few weeks after the event finishes. The event blog will provide its readers with all the details of that particular event. The whole site can be used as an advertisement in various social media platforms to attract the attention of the crowd and sell tickets for the events. The events can be anything like a small musical concert or even a big event like a football or rugby world cup.

5.How to make money from your photography blog?

Most people start photo blogging as a hobby. They may just like to have their photos arranged in an online digital format. Even though they have a photo blog, many are not aware of the fact that their photo blog can be used to make money from different sources.


Here are some of the ways by which you can start earning from your photo blog.

>Selling your photos

You know that the millions of blogs out there on the internet need images for their articles. If you are into blogging for at least six months, you may be knowing the importance of images in your blog post. Even though images with the creative commons license are the first choice for most bloggers, there are website owners who buy images for their websites.

>Do graphic designing works for the clients

If you are a good photographer, chances are more that you may be a good photo editor and have some talent in graphic designing. Freelance Graphic designing is one way that you can choose to earn an income. Each and every new business on the internet is looking for logos to brand their business. If you can provide those clients or businesses with good quality logos at a reasonable price, there is a chance that you can make it as a source of income.

>Run a photography course

Are you a highly skilled photographer? Is it possible for you to provide your readers with all the tips and trips in photography? If you can do that, there is an option to give photography lessons in the form of various online courses.

>Sell e-books

Create and sell e-books explaining good photography skills and tips to enhance it. You may get a wide audience who like to know more about photography since it is a hobby for many people from various walks of life.

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6.How to make money from your personal blog?

Making money from your personal blog is not an easy thing. The main reason is the difficulty you may face in branding yourself. If you are a celebrity, it may become easy to brand yourself. But, of course, it is logical that anyone having a celebrity status may not go behind the money from blogging.

Personal blog

Still there are examples we can site where people converted their personal blogs into money making is one among those top blogs that make huge money from blogging. Even though his blog cannot be considered a purely personal blog, it is interesting to note that the domain name is his name, and he includes a lot of his personal stories in it. You can read here some of the ways by which you can monetize your personal blog.


Using advertisement is one of the major sources of income for personal blogs. Still traffic is the main criteria that decides how much you can earn from a personal blog.

>Sponsored posts

It is an unimaginable situation for newbie bloggers to get sponsored posts for their personal blogs. Trust me, it is hard getting those sponsored posts even, or bloggers involved in high earning niches of blogging. Still we can see that there are a lot of sponsored posts on those personal blogs where the bloggers were able to brand themselves as an authority in the field they are publishing posts. So, I can assure you that it is still not an unachievable target getting sponsored posts for your personal blog.

>Blog Consultant

Being a consultant is an option anyone in the field for a considerable amount of time. Even in your personal blog, there may be few topics that you cover regularly, and that may make some percentage of your readers approach you for help and mentoring.

>Review products and services

Even in your personal blog you have the freedom to choose any product or service to review. You may be able to review certain products that you use in your daily life. Also, it is possible to write your opinions about the places you visit. For example, you may write about the good services you received from a hotel that you might have visited recently. You might write a review about the latest film you watched or about a new car and the list goes endless.

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You may be able to act as an agent for carrying out certain tasks that you include with your blogging activities. You may be able to act as a middleman for carrying out certain services. It is not a bad idea to become an agent who helps your readers to carry out services similar to few of those listed below.

# Act as a travel agent.

# Act as a recruitment personal.

# Provide freelance writers and ghost writers for others.

# provide logo design services.

# Provide web design services.

# Provide SEO services to clients.

>Affiliate Programs

I never say that affiliate marketing is an easy way of making money from your blog. But, I had come across a numerous number of personal blogs where the bloggers are making a sizable amount of money from it. Even after a few years of blogging, it is a common scenario that people who are not interested in making money but just write for their interest in writing start using affiliate programs in their blogs and earn money. So what are you waiting? Let’s have a go at affiliate marketing.


I would like to update this post with more ideas of making money from a blog. Please feel free to spare some time to have your valuable comments so that I can update this post with more ideas.









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