Top 16 SEO blogs you should follow in 2016


Search Engine Optimization is one of the major factors when it comes to web publishing. Nowadays the SEO techniques are changing every day and so it is very important to stay updated with the latest SEO methods by referring top SEO blogs on the internet which will assist indexing your site to Google search pages. With the latest Google algorithms, a number of sites are getting penalized for poor SEO and content structures. But how will you come to know what changes are being made in the SEO industry and which techniques are applied to deal with them?


A number of SEO blogs are there which are written by the experts in the industry, and they teach you the detailed methods to learn and deal with the changing SEO. So today I am compiling a list of the top 15 SEO blogs where you can study and learn each and every element of SEO and the ways to prevent your site to get penalized.

Top 16 SEO blogs you should follow


Moz is one of the top most SEO blogs that started in 2004, is authored by professional SEO experts like Rand Fishkin, Peter J. Meyers, and few others. The blog covers the biggest SEO methods like ranking, indexing in the search pages, local SEO, link building, content writing, social media strategy and lots of more. The site started in the form of an SEO consultant, and now it stands at the uppermost place.

Alexa- 1,448

Access the SEO blog here, MOZ

2.Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land is comprised of the important elements of search marketing where you can learn the important techniques of making your site SEO oriented. The blog contains the practical tips and strategies for running a successful marketing program and provides in-depth updates about the daily SEO changes.

Alexa- 2,005

Access the SEO blog  here, SEARCH ENGINE LAND


SEMrush shares its experience with all SEO, marketing and PPC specialists that help you learn the new tactics of the industry. SEMrush is one of the best SEO sites that provides detailed information about keyword research, organic research, site audit, SEO ideas, brand monitoring, social media tools, video advertising research, and lots of topics related to SEO.

Alexa- 2,528

Access the SEO blog here, SEMRUSH


Yoast provides knowledge on a number of topics like general SEO, content SEO, site analysis, social media, and usability and conversion rate optimization. Yoast is a search engine optimization tool for WordPress sites that lets you add meta tags, keywords and title to your posts. This site delivers a number of information on how to use SEO and optimize your site to reach the higher audiences in social media.

Alexa- 6,404

Access the SEO blog here, YOAST


SEObook was founded in 2003 by Aaron Wall, who offer SEO training sessions with the effective tools, videos, and a forum. SEObook is considered as the number 1 training program where you can avail the best SEO knowledge by the industry experts. The site offers training in search analysis, marketing tips, online business tips, web evolution and lots more subjects.

Alexa- 7,007

Access the SEO blog here, SEOBOOK


KISSmetrics is a product of Neil Patel, the global SEO guru who understands the in-depth concepts of SEO. KISSmetrics writes about analyzing and optimizing your blog with the improved SEO methods and helps you stand out in the crowd. It works more like an SEO encyclopedia where you will find everything about the same.

Alexa- 7,066

Acess the SEO blog here, KISSMETRICS

7.Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal stands out in the SEO industry by providing knowledge and tips on the updated SEO rules. It helps advertisers and marketers by providing the best in class knowledge and guides on SEO. The site also hosts SEO webinars so that you can learn about a certain topic and get clarified with it.

Alexa- 9,607

Access the SEO blog here, SEARCH ENGINE JOURNAL


Backlinko provides you the best ways to boost website traffic with the exclusive SEO tips, case studies, and strategies. The site aims to help the webmasters who are penalized by Google for using the wrong SEO and helps them increase their productivity with the latest SEO techniques.

Alexa- 9,756

Access the SEO blog here, BACKLINKO


SEORoundTable is another great site for webmasters who failed to improve their blog statistics with SEO and search engine marketing. The site gives a roundup of the latest SEO updates which are useful for every site owner.

Alexa- 15,861

Access the SEO blog here, SEO ROUND TABLE

10.Bruce Clay

Bruce Clay provides SEO knowledge and how-to articles on a number of factors which are essential to run a blog with higher traffic. The site delivers topics on PPC, SEO, analytics and CRO, Design, SMM and content marketing.

Alexa- 33,664

Access the SEO blog here, BRUCE CLAY


Clickz provides updated knowledge on the SEO industry and keeps you informed about what is happening in this space. You can learn the SEO methods which will efficiently work out to make your blog run successfully. Clickz also hosts webinars and events on SEO related subjects which are quite beneficial.

Alexa- 34,601

Access the SEO blog here, CLICKZ


Distilled is an online marketing agency that explains every aspect of it, including SEO, technical consulting, creative content writing, and other training courses. Here you will find the in-depth knowledge of SEO and how it is acquiring the digital world.

Alexa- 39,788

Access the SEO blog here, DISTILLED

13.SEO Hacker

SEO Hacker is one of the best SEO guides that provides knowledge on each and every aspect of the industry. It delivers idea on increasing return visitors, conversion rate optimizing, doing CRO without ruining SEO, explaining the rank tracking tools, and lots more.

Alexa- 45,219

Acess the SEO blog here, SEO HACKER

14.Seer Interactive

Seer Interactive is not just a marketing company, but it also provides an idea of optimizing your blog. Being an SEO specialist, See Interactive delivers knowledge on paid search, uses of SEO tools, SEO for business, analysis and optimization of your site, and lots of other relevant information.

Alexa- 55,976

Access the SEO blog here, SEER INTERACTIVE

15.SEO by the Sea

SEO by the Sea is an SEO blog that explains the subject very intensely and evidently so that learners can understand it. It tells about the future ranking signals in Google, using SEO tools and techniques on different scenarios, image optimization, and lots more on SEO.

Alexa- 71,462

Access the SEO blog here, SEO BY THE SEA explains about the digital marketing trends and SEO, including a number of topics related to this industry. You will learn about link building strategies, image optimization, content marketing, social media optimization, content analysis, and everything that helps to make your SEO perfect.

Alexa- 127,942

Access the SEO blog here, SEO.COM

Over to you

How many of you follow these blogs or go through some of these sites at times? Do let me have your opinion on the comments column so that I can come up with more ideas for the forthcoming posts.


Special note : The blogs mentioned in the post are listed according to the Alexa rank on the date 24/04/1916.

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