27 advantages of blogging

This article points out twenty-seven advantages of blogging. If you go through this post you may find that many of these benefits are enjoyed by you while having a blog. I can assume that this post is going to encourage many bloggers especially new ones who are looking for some motivation. This blog post may inspire those who are undecided as to whether they should continue with their blogging for various reasons of their own.Reading this post may motivate you whenever you read it and may make you feel that you should not stop blogging but continue with renewed zest.So here is the list of twenty-six advantages of blogging.

Advantages of blogging

#1. Networking with various people worldwide.

One of the important benefits of blogging is its feature that helps us to network with a wide range of bloggers from different walks of life across the globe. Interacting with people from different country and culture may lead to friendly relations with them that may help you start new ventures like starting a new business with someone outside of your country. It may help you get more fans on your business or celebrity facebook page or on other social media sites.

#2. Blogs help you to improve your writing skills.

If you start to write a blog, all of a sudden you get into the habit of improving your writing skills and style. You may feel that you are going to be criticised if you make a mistake. This fear is a big step that will make you motivated for improving your writing skills. Automatically, you will start trying to improve your wiriting skills while writing more and more posts for your own blog.

#3. Mastering a subject.

Another advantage of having a blog is its ability to make you a master in a chosen subject. If you are writing on a particular niche for a long time, it will enrich your knowledge as you carry on doing research on that particular topic or niche.

#4. Flexibility of working hours.

If you are engaged in blogging as a work-at-home job, the flexibility of working hours makes it suitable for you to find out time for your other day to day activities. Imagine how you can pick up your children from school at 3 ‘O’ clock when you work in 10 to 5 job. You need to find other alternatives in this situation. When you are a full-time blogger, it is possible for you to stop all your engagements with the blog at any time of the day for carrying out any other chores. As you are your own boss or may be the one and only boss of your business, it is really a great experience.

#5. Your photographic skills may improve.

Once anyone becomes a blogger, he or she may start interest in several other things related to blogging to improve their own blog. For example, I was never interested in photography. I was reluctant and shy to take photographs especially in crowds. After I started blogging I developed an interest and motivation for photography which I am continuing till date and hope to continue with it. So I can claim that it is through blogging that I developed an interest in photography.

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#6. Your videography skills may improve.

Like I mentioned earlier about photography, your video skills will get enhanced once you start blogging. Video tutorial is a must for many of the blogs especially the technical ones where you may need to teach some ideas to an audience. So those who are running a blog may definitely try to improve his or her videography skills.

#7. Your presentation skills may improve.

When you make video tutorials for your blog, you may try to make sure that you are presenting the video with good language that is clear and understandable. This may definitely lead you to take that extra step to improve your presentation skills.

#8. Blogging as a source of income.

Most people start blogging just for expressing their personal opinions. Later on some begin to take an interest in searching for various ways by which they can earn income from it. Gradually they start making income by implementing search engine optimisation techniques combined with the usage of advertisements along with the blog. Some people start doing affiliate marketing of product or service related to their niche they blog about.

#9. Blogs promote small scale business.

Blogs play an important role in today’s business. Even a small scale business run by a single person can be promoted using a blog. For example, if you run a business of selling ornaments for ladies, you can do that in your blog. The blog acts as a platform for showcasing the products you want to sell.

#10. Blogs promote large scale business.

There is no need to mention that all large scale businesses have its own blog along with their website. They update every detail of their product or service using their blog. I suggest that you refer one of my previous posts pointing out the reasons why a blog is essential for promoting a business.

#11. Blogs make it easy to connect with social media.

Most of the blogging tools help us to easily share the contents in the blog with social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

#12. Blog as a source of information

Some technical blogs are the valuable source of information and people know that they can gain valuable information related to the technical aspects of a computer, software or mobile phone. So they keep coming back to the blog again and again for valuable information.

#13. Blog as a helping tool for carrying out certain day-to-day activities.

There are millions of blogs out there in the blogosphere and those involved in blogging definitely have an idea of the contents in other blogs they follow. There is a possibility that people may look for blogs that help them to carry out certain activities like troubleshooting their computers, mobile phones and even for getting better ideas on cooking their daily food.


Advantages of blogging123.png

#14. Blogs may act as a portfolio.

Photographers, artists, cartoonists, etc. find blogging as an excellent platform for creating portfolios for their work. They find it easy to build and manage a portfolio in this way so that their work get easily attracted by other people. This may make it easier for them to get hired while searching for jobs in the same area. The portfolios like this can now be more easily managed by linking with websites like the Pinterest and Tumblr.If you would like to see how a blog can be used as a portfolio, please check and see the blog of one of my fellow blogger, Miss Anna Cull, where she uses the blog as a portfolio for her art work.

#15. Blogs may help you to become a professional writer or blogger.

Many writers who have already published their writings in the form of novels or short stories and having certain level of reputation as a writer may also run an online blog. These blogs act as an additional support to establish themselves as an expert writer when they get more exposure through blogs and fan pages in social media. Facebook fan page and twitter acts as a trigger to increase the number of fans for these writers.

#16. Blogs may lead you to start a new career.

If you attend an interview for a particular job, your chances of securing the job may increase if you possess a blog specialising in subjects the interview demands. This is due to the fact that your blog may act as a portfolio for your knowledge as well skills in photography, painting, artwork, etc. Also, there are chances that you may be hired for better assignments you never expected.

#17. Blogs are very easy to set up.

It is very easy to set up a blog. You don’t have to be very good in the technical aspects or in software for starting a blog. Anyone can start a new blog using tools like WordPress or Blogger. It can be started anytime with the easiness of setting up an e-mail account, provided you have the confidence of having a certain level of proficiency in writing.

#18. Blogs help you to increase your knowledge in different fields.

As I mentioned earlier about the video and photography skills, you may gain interest and get involved in areas like web designing and programming languages like HTML, PHP, MySQL, etc. It is more likely for you to get involved in studying PHP especially when you are using WordPress as your tool for blogging.

#19. Gaining popularity and respect from others.

When your blog starts gaining more readers, you may also start getting more popularity. You may soon start getting known as a blogger in your immediate vicinity. People at your office or business may start seeing you as a blogger or probably a writer in some cases. This may eventually lead to gain respect from your colleagues, friends and relatives.

#20. Blogging as a hobby.

During the initial stages, blogging was a platform for people to share their views on any topic of their choice. So people started using it as a hobby. Most of those blogs were personal ones. Later developments see the concept of blogging get changed from time to time working along with the concept of Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Even though the nature of blogging concept changed a lot, there are lakhs of people around the blogosphere who still consider blogging as a hobby of interest to them and they don’t actually care about the monetary aspects of blogging. They just have their personal satisfaction by sharing their views and opinions with others.

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#21. Blogs are easy to update.

Another important feature of a blog is its easiness to update its content at any time you want. Decades back before the coming of internet, it was nearly an impossible task for an author to change the contents of the book once it was published in the print form. The only option available for an update was to publish another edition. It can be analysed that the emergence of internet and the development of World Wide Web made a drastic change in the way an author can approach the whole process of writing.

#22. Blogging may change your attitude towards life.

Blogging changed my way of thinking and attitude towards life. So I believe it may be the same with most other bloggers. If you are nearing the stage of establishing yourself as a blogger, you start seeing everything in a different light. You may feel that you are getting appreciated for your work by others. This may lead you to make yourself more equipped and responsible while dealing with the public. You may think that you need to research more in order to gain knowledge in the subject you are writing so that you can deal with any queries related to your niche you are writing.

#23.Good exercise for your mind

If you are blogging with passion without allowing your mind worry about monetizing your blog, definitely you will be getting some exercise for your mind that will keep your memory power in good condition. Remember you should love the time you spend on writing and keep engaged in other activities related to blogging like researching a topic, reading more articles related to your niche.

#24.It is possible to become a successful blogger without higher education.

Many people have a belief that blogging is for those people who have higher educational qualifications from the university. If you are among them thinking in that way, I would definitely tell you that you are wrong. Even if you do not have a college degree, you can be able to become a successful blogger through hard work and dedication provided you have the necessary writing skills.

#25.Location is not a problem for blogging as a career.

Blogging as a career can be done staying at any location in the world. This is one of the greatest advantages of blogging. I live in London even though my native country is India. If I choose to do blogging as my full-time career, I can have the advantage of doing it either from India or London. Suppose if I do any other day job, I cannot be able to spare time in India other than the days available for my annual leave. Maybe if I want to stay in India for few months and comeback, there will not be any problem continuing blogging as a career. All I need is a laptop or other suitable device and a Wi-Fi connection.

#26.Travelling around the globe

You never know one day you will be travelling to different destinations in the world. Travelling to exotic locations around the world seems to be an impossible task for many of us. But, you cannot predict where blogging can take you in future. If you are a travel blogger or an affiliate marketer or digital marketer, there might be chances available for you travel around the globe for affiliate summits and the likes.

If you find this post interesting or motivating you to continue blogging journey with more enthusiasm, please feel free to share that in the comment column so that I can have more ideas for my forthcoming posts.

#27.You may become an Online marketer/Digital Marketer

The chances of becoming an online or internet or digital marketer is another opportunity that may knock you when you blog consistently. Once you are into serious blogging in a particular niche of your choice, you will automatically start promoting products or services related to your niche. It may open doors for bloggers to become good internet marketers in the long run.

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