How Technology has changed the way we watch TV

The technology has become a big part of our daily lives; it is in constant change and evolution. Over time, one of the devices that have evolved the most is the television. The first-time TV’s were introduced to the people; they were small and black and white. Furthermore, they haven’t had proper TV channels to see, but gradually, the screens got bigger, and the people started to make the content for this media. At present, thanks to the evolving technology, the television sets are big with a wide range of channels to watch. As if this was not enough, we have at our disposition Smart TVs, that not only are beautifully designed but also, they come with extra options such as Internet, Apps, among others.

In olden days, the action of watching television was limited, all the TV stations need hours for programming, to the device, and broadcast outside with the network that was available to provide for them. By 1960 many of the households had a TV, and they just have three networks which transmitted comedies, musical-variety programs, and westerns. Times have changed, right? At present, all the world has access to the Television, Internet, and now we have a wide range of channels to watch. According to different studies, people are watching live TV today more than ever before. Given the vast amount of shows available, watching TV is one of the most frequent activities of the humanity.

In India, the TV has an important place in the society. Expanding the reach of television has always been a priority for the government which has invested in developing satellite technology. This device is one of the most important inventions of science that has invaded all the homes around the world. By 1998, Indian TV channels were for range, including the major transnational companies such as BBC, MTV, CNN, Disney, among others. Nowadays one of the reasons that Indian is more recognised in the world is for the cinema, better known as Bollywood. Most of the North Indians love to watch  Hindi TV channels 

The more we progress through time, more obvious changes we can see around us. The technology has affected considerably the way we watch TV, now exists a lot of ways to see the programs on the website, smartphone, streaming devices, etc. Now it is not necessary having a TV for enjoying our favourite’s shows. For example, YuppTv is the number one online provider for Indian TV channels and offers Live TV channels in United States, United Kingdom, and more. Likewise, there are a lot of options that you can find on the web to watch the content that the TV provides. This varies from one TV station to the other.

As we mentioned earlier, the modern TVs called smart TVs, come with Internet connection capabilities which expand the options at the moment that you sit for watch something. Now is less the quantity of people that watch National Indian TV because they can see everything on the Internet. A smart television enables view videos in YouTube and other content without connecting it to a computer. Other common devices such as Blu-Ray players, game consoles, etc. also come with the Internet that you can put straight to your TV.

One of the things that are affecting more the way that we watch the TV is the streaming. This technique works transferring data that can be processed as a steady and continuous stream. Streaming has gained more importance around the world with the growth of the Internet because the users can watch live TV without downloading. Through this method, people watch TV shows and movies in their homes, smartphones, tablet, and any streaming device. At present, individuals don’t have the need to go to the video rental store, subscribe to cable or satellite, buy a DVD, etc. because they can find everything online.

It is a fact that after the invention of online streaming the TV ratings have changed. So many people are now watching TV online that regular TV ratings have dropped. Different studies around the world show that more and more people are turning to streaming services for the easy access that the Internet provides. No longer is the Television the easiest source to watch or find the shows you want to see. Through TV you must adapt to the scheduled that each channel offers; for watching your favourite show, you have to wait for a certain time frame. Instead with the internet and live streaming, you can watch whatever you want at any time

Another aspect that influences with the upswing of live streaming is your location. If you’re are living abroad and can’t watch your favourite Indian channels. Because of this, the people tend to search the TV shows online since they don’t have to wait. Since the existent ease of access that has the Internet and the popularity that this method has gained, the Internet is paving the way for the future television. The technology will continue evolving and showing us new ways to access to our favourites TV shows.

If this manner of watching the shows keeps rising, the traditional channels and television will be forgotten. The society is eager to receive always new devices and techniques that make everything easier. In conclusion, the reason why the technology is changing the way we watch TV is that now are others systems that make the content more accessible. The mode of release of the streaming pages allows viewers to watch the episode the same day that was released. Is television really dying or not? Viewers are still watching their TV’s when they have the opportunity, but the fact is that streaming service is gaining more popularity every day.

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