Power packed content writing tips for bloggers

It takes a lot of effort and dedication to bring perfection in content writing. And when you are a professional writer, you really need to learn certain things and strategies to build a successful career. When you write for your blog or somebody hires you to write for their brand or product, you are the representative for that company who could help your client boost their sales. And if the content doesn’t speak powerfully or fails to deliver the robust information, then customers might turn away from it. So it is extremely necessary to write an error free, neat, and conversational content that helps in the development of the subject and build a trust between you and your readers. So today I am mentioning a few of the non-avoidable content writing tips for bloggers that will boost up your writing skills if you follow them consistently.


Power packed content writing tips for bloggers


Before a blogger starts writing, the first and foremost thing the person should gather is some motivation. It’s the passion that drives a blogger to write effectively and consistently. So once you replenish it and set a goal, you can write for a long term. Most of the times the spirit for writing declines and hence it makes a blogger lazy and averts them from the work of researching, writing, etc. So you need to push yourself to break this low-spirit attitude because it will not only make you lazy but will also ruin the quality of the content.

Write consistently

It is important to know that the more consistently you write, the more excellence you will gain. Writing habitually helps you learn the flow of the content and mark out the errors effectively. Even the professional writers write regularly to improve their writing skills. So being an intermediate, it is important for a blogger to write at least three to four articles a month for their blog to maintain the consistency. The more content you write, the higher number of feedbacks you will gain, which will help you develop your writing abilities.

Use effective titles

When writing a content, the blog title is the first thing that captivates the reader and convinces them to read the content. So here you need to be a little bit creative in selecting an appropriate title to attract a maximum number of readers. Do not make the title too long, instead, make it catchy and help the readers understand at first glance what the topic informs them. A blog title is the element that sells the content and represents it in search engines. So spend some time brainstorming about it and crafting it excellently.

Research more

The more you research on the topic, the more solid content you can generate. Not all content writers are thoroughly knowledgeable about every topic that he or she chooses to write. So it is essential to study the subject before you write to decide what to include and what points to exclude. Research develops a better knowledge about the topic and helps you bring a flow to the content whether you are writing for your own blog or any other content on the web.


Jot down the key points

Meanwhile, you research, write down the important points you have noticed during the study. Writing down the points will help you generate a good flow of the content, and this will help you to write everything step-by-step wise. But remember not to simply copy-paste the points as it will deteriorate your standard of writing and it is against the writing rules. So write it down in your own form and individual style as it will define the uniqueness in your content. Make sure you the contents with tools like Grammarly so that you can check its uniqueness before publishing a blog post or any such contents.

Use resources as reference

Always use the resources as the source of reference in your write-up. You might have accumulated many valuable points during your research from other blogs or websites; then it is advisable that you should give them credit by mentioning those sites in the reference section.

Aim to make the reader happy

The primary aim of the content writer is to make the reader completely satisfied with the content. When a reader opens the content, they hope to find the solution or information they are looking for in a particular subject. And if your content cannot fulfil their requirements, then your readers will return dissatisfied and will hardly revisit your blog. So put solid information and make the content more interactive so that the readers feel like you are talking to them.

Keep it simple

Keep your content and its paragraphs simple and comprehensive. Most readers hate the use of complex words and sentences as well as lengthy paragraphs. So keep it as simple as you can and make a paragraph limited to five lines or even three lines. Check the blog of award-winning blogger and internet marketer Mathew Woodward, where he uses the idea of very short paragraphs to retain the attention of readers.

Show why you care

Tell the reader why you care. Your blog works as the marketing tool that helps you develop your business. So you need to maintain it with quality content and excellent presentation. An error-free blog is a mark of efficiency and professionalism. So you need to develop it over time to make your readers happy and satisfied.

Add images to your content


This is another step when you need to emphasise your imagination and creativity. Your readers aren’t here to read a thesis or report. There must be some reason why they chose to open your content. So please add some visual contents so that the readers will get attracted even if they are reading contents that are of not interest to them.

Put accurate information

If you are not sure about a point, research more about it to acquire adequate knowledge of the subject. Never write a blog post in a hurry ending up with uncertain and misleading information. Whether it is the information, or grammar, or spellings, make it a habit of rechecking it twice or thrice before finally publishing it. Utilise grammar checking tools to ensure that no grammatical errors occur in the contents you write for a blog post or website. Even though you can use online grammar checking tools, it is always wise to check all your contents manually once before publishing to make sure that the contents are totally error free.

Dictionary.com- visit it often

Repeating the same words every time and writing a term without learning the proper meaning would ruin your content and hamper your profession. If you read some blogs, you will be shocked to find the number of mistakes committed by the writers. This is because they never recheck their articles after writing or overlook the serious mistakes. Maybe they also think that the reader won’t pay much attention to the spelling mistakes and hence ignore them. This is one of the biggest mistakes a blogger commits without knowing the consequences.

Grammar and Punctuations

Punctuations are even further ignored. Some writers use punctuation marks unnecessarily. For example, adding an exclamation mark at the end of a paragraph. This makes the content look irregular. For grammar, you need to recheck the content, and it is better to use grammar checking tools online. Such tools help you in correcting your grammar, sentences, spellings, as well as punctuations.


Don’t forget SEO

Apart from all these things, don’t forget to perform a keyword research before writing each topic. The traffic of a blog depends on proper SEO and keyword research and helps the blog rank at the top of search engines. There are a number of online keyword research tools, such as Google Adwords that will help you get your job done with the proper keyword listing.

Avoid keyword stuffing

Stuffing keywords affect your content and hamper the readability. It also hampers the conversion rate of the blog and declines its ranking in search engines. Ultimately, readers will bounce off the post, and you will be pushed downwards by the search engines.

Writing a solid content not only requires the passion to develop it, but it also needs proper discipline to correct and make appropriate modifications.  I hope now you’d be able to grasp the attention of your readers by bringing consistency and development in your writing skills.

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